Thursday, 15 September 2011

Celebs in Chanel!

When the day comes that I win the lottery.. and it will!... The first thing I'm going to do is strut right into Chanel, past the sturdy security men and stuck up sales assistants, and buy myself a classic Chanel suit!

Coco Chanel created the Chanel suit back in the 1930s. The Classic Chanel suit consisted of a knee length skirt and a square shouldered jacket feminized with gold buttons and trim. She controversially used tweed, a cheap fabric that was known to be masculine and for the working class, to make up for it the suits were lined with silk or fur. The suits were sleek, elegant and comfortable and became the signature look for women who meant business! 
Elizabeth Taylor

From the lunching ladies of the 1960's to the powerful businesswomen of the 1980s the Chanel suit has lived on and is still highly popular with today's celebrities!



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