Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feather ear cuffs...

Just a quick review...
My first post on this blog was about feather hair extensions and how much I wanted them!
Well I found a much easier alternative.. (Or so I thought)
Feathered ear cuffs... how handy? Just pop it on your ear and there you go!

So I bought this baby in Topshop and... wait for it... it cost me twenty five euro!
I couldn't help myself... it was love at first glance!
I wore it on a night out and it looked so brilliant!... and my disgust... before I even got to the club I realized it was gone. The thoughts of twenty five euro gone down the drain pretty much put a downer on my night! 
I'm pretty sure everyone on Grafton street later that night thought I was a drunken weirdo walking up and down shining the light on my phone squealing 'I'VE LOST MY FEATHERS!'
So if you're tempted to spend a fortune on a nice feathered ear cuff... I recommend you ditch the idea and go for a long , dangly pair of feathered earrings instead!


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