Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Funky, Fun... Feathery???

I, for one, absolutely LOVE Braids! 
I got one on my summer holidays and refuse to take it out of my hair. Honestly it's probably because I'm slightly in denial that summer is over, but it brings that bit of sunshine to these rainy, dull Dublin days.
Whilst flicking through my Cosmo on the plane on the way home (boohooo, que the violins) I stumbled across a picture of Nicole Scherzinger with a feather braid! 
Feathers are so in this season, they're everywhere from the catwalk to the red carpets to the high street, But who would have thought to put them in your hair? This look has been rocked on the red carpet by stars such as Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus and Drew Barrymore, Check it out...

                                                       Embrace the Pocahontas in you!
So where can you buy them? 
You can buy them online on a website called Hairflair.com for around $40, I haven't been able to find anywhere in Ireland yet but I'm pretty sure that by winter they'll be everywhere! 
If you want to tone it down a bit just braid or tousle a single feather into your hair.
I guess it's time to ditch my summery braid and move on to some wintery feathers!
What do you think of this new trend?

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