Sunday, 25 September 2011

Holy Jewels!!!...

I'm not the holiest person in the world, but I really love holy Jewellery! 
Weather it's wearing rosary beads to trend up a plain dress or piling on the holy bracelets that you buy in church gift shops... In my opinion there's nothing better than crosses and holy imagery to funk up an outfit!

                                 This may look like a lot but I've plenty more of these babies! (I don't wear them all together like that don't worry!)

I've done some browsing on ASOS and found a few beautiful pieces, most of which are in the clearance sale...
Have a look...

This  double finger cross ring is on sale for E7.69 or £6.00
These dangly gold cross earrings are perfect to add that edgy touch to an outfit. They cost E15.38 or £12.00

This double row cross necklace costs E7.69 or £6.00

This stunning, detailed rosary bead necklace can dress up a plain shirt, or a simple dress.
It costs E7.69 or £6.00

Last but certainly not least this beautiful, chunky metal cuff costs E15.38 or £12.00


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