Thursday, 15 September 2011

Issue of the month: Blood Sport...

It's a Saturday night and you can think of nothing better to do than go to the dogs for some wining, dining and a little gambling too. Did you know that while you doll yourself up, these dogs are locked in small cages wearing tight muzzles that make it hard to bark or even breathe? While you hop into a taxi, these dogs, are being whipped up into a frenzy of blood lust. And while you sit, watching your chosen dog race around a track, that dog is most likely suffering from injured paws, torn muscles or strained tendons.Most people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I saw a picture of dead greyhound hanging from a tree by it's neck, I was speechless.

If suffering on the race track isn't bad enough, wait until you hear what happens to these dogs when they've retired. At an average of just two and a half years old the majority of greyhounds are put to sleep simply because of injury, or because they're just not good enough to race anymore. With an estimate of 30 000 greyhounds in the industry being euthanized, some trainers give up on wasting their money and use sickening, inhumane methods instead. Some greyhounds are shipped to Spain to be kept racing in appalling conditions, some are used for hunting and some are brutally disposed of by their owners through cruel methods such as hanging, drowning, shooting, poisoning or even being shipped to Asia where they are sold as food. As many as 6000 greyhounds are put to death every year.

The most sickening thing is that 90% of greyhounds in the UK were bred right here in Ireland, some of them living extremely short lives as the puppies that don't make the cut are put to sleep instantly. In Derry a dog was found washed up on the river Foyle banks by a passer by. The dog had been trussed into a potato sack which was thrown into the river while it was still alive. It was evident that the dog struggled for his life as he managed to get his two back legs out of the sack before drowning.

This is only one of the tens of thousands of animal cruelty cases cases relating to greyhound racing in Ireland. When animals are registered to race, a signature tattoo is embedded in their ears with the owners details, therefore before slaughtering these graceful creatures, owners are known to chop off their ears so that they cannot be traced. 

The International Greyhound Action Association, along with the ISPCA and PETA have been trying to put an end to this 'bloody' industry for many years. The last official greyhound track in Spain has been closed and many tracks in the UK have been, and will be closing. But this isn't enough to put a full stop to greyhound racing. People need to know about the pain these animals suffer on a daily basis, and people need to take action. Spreading the word is a great way of doing this. Let people know the secrets behind this popular industry, so that they too can join the worldwide boycott. When you use animals for profits, the animals always lose, and anyone involved in this horrible industry has the blood of thousands of innocent greyhounds on their hands.

I'm sorry to have to share with you these graphic photo's and horrible facts, but it's true and Greyhound Racing is one Issue that I will always feel extremely strong about. For more facts check out


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