Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Think Pink...

Breast Cancer awareness has never been so fashionable as some of the biggest brands support breast cancer awareness month! Check out some of the beautiful things you can buy to help raise money...

The Evelyn Lauder Lip set by Estee Lauder. A cute pink clutch bag and a pure color lipstick in Evelyn Wildly pink. It costs 24 euro and a donation of 10 euro will go to breast cancer awareness.

Pandora have made this stunning charm. It costs 49 Euro and all of the proceedings go to breast cancer awareness! How Generous!

This ribbon pin by Estee Lauder costs 15 euro with all of the proceedings (minus VAT of course) goes to breast cancer awareness. The blue stone represents men suffering from breast cancer.

This great lips great cause keyring by clinique consists of three best selling lip glosses (All SPF 15), a breast cancer awareness symbol and a C charm for Clinique. It costs 20 Euro and 4 Euro is donated to Breast cancer awareness.

So get buying people not only are these products super stylish but they're also in aid of a great cause!

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