Thursday, 15 September 2011

What the CHUCK?...

And the rant starts........... nnnnnnnnnnnow!...
I'm in a bad mood today, Why am I in a bad mood? Because I spent the day in town handing out CV's, being nervous and feeling slightly.. and by that I mean very frickin intimidated by all of the staff in every shop.
I heard a lot of;

  • 'We're not taking CV's'
  • 'Apply Online'
  • 'We're not hiring until christmas'
  • 'You're too damn ugly to work in this place'
(Ok that last one was a lie but if looks could kill people!) I still managed to hand out twenty! So fingers crossed I get myself a nice little job that I can moan and bitch about on this! Hehe I joke...

Anyways If that wasn't bad enough I got home to see an article in the newspaper titled:
'Gossip Girl's Ed not so hunky in flesh, says Lisa'
Ohhh the one thing that really makes my blood boil is someone dissin my man! (we're going to get married some day you see..)
You might know Ed Westwick from his role on Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass.. Or from the movie Chalet Girl.
Lisa Cannon (from Xpose) bumped into him at an event in the Gramercy Park Hotel, New York and here's what she had to say... AND I QUOTE:

'He's quite unusual looking in person and kind of reminded me 
of the dad in The Adams Family. He's also fairly short and has a strong English accent 
which you wouldn't expect!'

Firstly... Unusual is always good! Always!

Secondly... Do you see a resemblance here? Because I don't...

                                                          The dad from the Adams Family
                                                                       Ed Westwick

Thirdly... He is not short, He is 5''8, And to a tiny Italian like me he's probably bigger than anyone in my family! (Perfect to take home to mamma!)

and Fourthly... Any man with an English accent is hot. That is all.

And now some pictures to drool over... enjoy! X

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