Monday, 31 October 2011

Rosso Solini..

Christian Laboutin shoes, I've been in love with them for as long as I can remember! Known for their red soles, elegance and high price tag they're pretty much at the top of many womens wishlist's. I, being the luckiest girl in the world, got a pair for my 18th birthday! A huge group of my friends chipped in along with my sister (who chipped in a lot extra) and surprised me with a pair!

Of course not all of us can afford to pay that much for a pair of shoes... And that's where Tara Haughton saw a market niche...

Fifteen year old Tara Haughton from co Kildare, Ireland is the creator of Rosso Solini, a range of designer soles that you can place on your own shoes, transforming them instantly! The idea for the business came when Tara was at a family wedding and got some red confetti stuck to the bottom of her shoe. The teen took the idea to her father who helped her to develop the soles. The Irish made soles have been exported to Canada, the UK and even Isreal! Genius! The starter kit is just nine euro. Not only does the young entrepreneur make the soles in red, she has many different designs and shoe tattoo's to funk up you're feet!

For more info or to buy yourself a pair of Rosso Solini's check out the official website here,
Check out the facebook page here!
I hope you're all having an amazing Halloween.. I'm sick in bed with the flu so I'm sure whatever you're doing is more fun than that! :P

Friday, 28 October 2011

Feel Good Music...

There's nothing worse than waking up early  on these cold, dark winter mornings and getting yourself to work/school/college... Weather your walking or taking public transport it's always best to start your morning with some great music to lift your mood and put a smile on your face for the day. As you've probably guessed from my Beddybyes Lullabies post about music to listen to before you go to bed, I pretty much always make playlists for everything. Today I'm going to share with you guys some of the tunes in my happy Playlist which I generally listen to in the mornings or when I'm in a foul mood... So here we go....

Kyle Andrews - You Always Make Me Smile
This song certainly makes me smile. I actually discovered it from an ad but I don't remember which one...

Oasis - Whatever
One of my favorite Oasis songs about how you're free to do.. well Whatever!

New Radicals - You Get What You Give
This one brings back memories! My cousin had no CD in her car this summer when we were in Italy, so we borrowed an old one and this became our summer 2011 song!

R.E.M - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine)
Another oldie that never fails to make me smile..

Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age
This song was huge in Italy this summer, you might know it from the Heinken ad.. 
The video makes me feel like I'm on acid but it's a great song!

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Maybe this ones not so good for the mornings.. It always makes me want to go out and dance!

The Cure - Just Like Heaven 
Show me show me show me how you do that trick...
What a song!

Ingrid Michealson - Be Ok
As you can probably tell every time I hear an ad with a great song in it I'm straight on to my computer to download it! This song was from a car ad last summer. It's so happy and bouncy!

Alex Winston - Choice Notes
TKMaxx ad.. ring a bell? I actually prefer this live version to the Original! The girl is talented!

The Do - Stay Just a Little Bit More
And lastly this one was in some phone ad a couple of years back.. Love it!

Hope you guys enjoy this playlist! Let me know what you think of these songs and if you have any feel good songs let me know :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Iron Fist Clothing...

Sorry I haven't been blogging as regularly as I usually do the last few days.. I got a new phone line put in and it's screwed up my Internet connection.. nothing more annoying than being half way through an unsaved blog post and your internet shutting off! Grrrr! Now my temperamental bitch of a modem only works when it wants to! Great! Anyways...

Whilst flicking through my mum's Littlewoods magazine I came across a brand which I'm in love with! It's called Iron Fist. Oooooh just the name gives me shivers! They make amazing, rock glam shoes, bags and clothes. I had a look on the website and thought I'd share some of my favourite pieces with you guys. Have a look...

Ice-cream, unicorns, cupcakes, sparrows and owls... whats not to like about this funky handbag!

Love this, it's very Taylor Momsenesque...

Rarrr this one shouldered leapord print dress, animal print is so in this season!

Bonjour mon ami! Nothing better than a little touch of France in your wardrobe!

Love this gummy clutch bag!

I really want this bow dress, the details in the back are amazing!

Love these black stiletto's with gold skulls.

This Blue T-shirt with sexy lips on it is pretty funky too!

Love this hoody!

And lastly these purple platforms with studded black skulls. Love them!

Littlewoods Ireland have a great range of Iron fist clothing. Check them out here!
Or for a wider Range check out the Iron Fist Website here!
What do you guys think of these clothes? Do you have a favorite piece?
Drop a comment..
I'll leave you with a picture of Moo all bandaged up and on the road to recovery :)

Issue of the month: Pageant Princesses or Pedophile Prey?

So as most of your probably know I do a 'Monthly Issue' on this blog, just something to spread awareness and blow off a little steam. Last month I done one on The Greyhound Racing Industry, If your an animal lover like me you should definitely read it, but I have to warn you that it's quite upsetting. Click here to read it.

This month I've decided to write about the children's Beauty Pageant industry, I know, Its been done so many times in the past! Yet it's still a growing industry and one that makes me really angry!

All little girls love the idea of playing dress-up, I myself loved dressing up in my older sisters clothes and prancing around pretending to be an adult with lipstick smears all over my face and thick multicoloured eye-shadow.. My mother found it hilarious, but if I was to leave the house with a spot of make-up on at the tender age of four or five there would have been absolute uproar! ‘Dress-up is something you do with your child at home, not in public!’ Is what my mother says, but if that’s true then why in the last few years have Children’s beauty pageants become so popular! They even have shows such as ‘Toddlers in Tiara’s’ and VH1’s ‘Little Beauties’ which are aired on TV for millions of people to see!
The Pageants I’m referring to are ‘glitz, Glitzy or full glitz pageants’ These pageants are ridiculously over the top and it’s said that ‘Everything goes!’ I browsed the net and done some research on the requirements of these children’s beauty pageants, and found some interesting stuff!
Parents more than usually hire beauty coaches for their children, these coaches cost up to $100 an hour and teach the children how to walk with poise and do ‘cutesy things’ such as blowing kisses to the judges.’ In some Beauty Pageants there is a talent section where most of the children will sing or do dance performances which in my opinion can be quite prerogative for a four year old to be doing! In most pageants it is a rule that if the child is Caucasian they must be spray tanned, preferably by a professional. Most of the little girls wear wigs, wiglets or hair pieces which on the day are usually applied by hairdressers, a full face of makeup is also applied by makeup artists or their mothers, this involves heavy eye-shadow, eyeliner, false lashes, lipstick and the rest. A lot of mothers purchase flippers for their daughters, these are fake teeth that can be put over their own to give them a perfect, dazzling smile, they can cost up to $300. Dresses are a big part of the total score, if the child is under ten she must wear a short dress with a full cupcake skirt, the dress is expected to be embellished with hundreds of swarofski Crystals. The colour of the dress also has to suit the childs complexion. Most pageant mothers get the dresses specially made whilst others pay $500 to over $1000 on second hand dresses. In a lot of these pageants there is also a ‘casual wear’ section and a ‘bathing suit’ section. Yes, children from the young age of four are prancing around a stage (and on national television thanks to shows such as toddlers & tiaras) in two piece diamond encrusted bathing suits. Mothers are known to shave their daughters legs, pluck/wax their eyebrows, there's even a case or two of mothers administering botox to their daughters young faces!

The rewards are usually cash prizes, Tiaras and trophies and in some pageants the children can win college scholarships.

I personally completely disagree with the Child beauty Pageant industry. Children are growing up fast enough these days, there’s no need for us to be caking them in spray tan, makeup and wigs and allowing them to trot around in front of an audience in swimwear  winking and blowing kisses. It’s also teaching children that ‘looks’ matter over personality as they are being judged on thing such as ‘prettiest smile’ and ‘most photogenic!’ It’s also said to set children up for problems such as bulimia, anorexia and depression in their teens.

 Another thing that really shocked me was how easy it was to gain access to pictures of these little girls and boys on beauty pageant sites, anyone in the world could be looking at pictures of these children dolled up and looking like little women. Not to mention the popular TV shows which are exposing these children to millions of people worldwide, how do you know there’s not a pedophile somewhere in the world getting satisfaction over these kids? Most likely, there are many! Back in 1996 a six year old pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey, was found dead in the basement of her house, she had been sexually assaulted, had her skull fractured and was then strangled. Police still haven’t found the murderer but the case caused a lot of controversy around the children’s beauty pageant industry. Is this case alone not enough for mothers to want to keep their young daughters out of the spotlight and stop sexualising them at such a young age? Clearly not.

JonBenet Ramey, Murdered at 6 years old.

The most pathetic thing to me is how pushy some of the mothers are. If you watch any of the TV shows I’m sure you’ll agree with me! The parents stand behind the judges doing the dance moves so that their kids won’t mess up, they shout their kids names, give out to them if they don’t do a good job and even act bitchy and competitive towards the other children and their parents! Great example they’re giving their children, raising them to be jealous and competitive! In my opinion a lot of the mothers are former beauty queen has-beens or overweight women who want their children to live the lives they never had! (I’m terrible, I know, but that really is the impression I get from all of the shows!)  If they really want to enter their daughters in beauty pageants why can’t they just opt for the natural ones where the children can wear normal Sunday dresses and even jeans and are not allowed to wear makeup, wigs or fake teeth!

A caption from the 2006 film 'Little Miss Sunshine.'

What do you guys think of these Glitzy Children's Beauty Pageants? Do you agree with them? Or do you know any children that take part in them? I'm really interested in hearing your opinions so drop a comment!


Monday, 24 October 2011

Versatile Award!

Well lads I've finally got myself my first blog award given to me by the lovely Kara!
Check out her lovely blog!

There are three rules for this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 5 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!

  1. I don't drink Vodka.. It tastes like paint thinner and makes me messy drunk.. I stick to whiskey or rum, the old man drinks.
  2. I hate Rihanna, she get's beaten up by her fella and a year later she's singing about how she loves whips and chains and s&m.
  3. I have a serious sleeping disorder which involves me not being able to get out of bed until all hours of the day, and throwing things at people who attempt to wake me up.
  4. I can probably eat more than your average man. I'm Italian what can I say.
  5. I smoke way too much.. and to be honest I don't intend on ever giving up.. 
  6. Me and my sister are capable of randomly breaking into song in the middle of any situation, my house is like a living musical...
  7. I have a tubby toe, I fractured it back when I used to do dancing and it just stopped growing. It's obese. My sister always slags me and says that all the food I eat goes straight to my toe.
The Bloggers I'm awarding are...


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Winter coats.. Brrrr...

Before I start I'd just like to have a little rant about tonights X Factor.. because personally I thought it was pretty mental! So here we go...

Frankie Cocozza you little filth! I know we all love a bad boy but come on how do so many girls drool over this sleazy, non talented, guy-liner wearing MORON!
Kelly Rowland will you marry me?
Louis Walsh your hilarious facial expressions and general cuteness make my life complete.
Whoever the fuck styles the X factor, get a new job... What the hell do you have some of these poor people wearing? Sammi especially tonight! She could have looked amazing and instead you dresses her in a garbage sack...
Tulisa, (if that's how you spell it) look up the word ROCK!!... I'm pretty sure a picture of Kesha won't come up!
That is all...

Now let's get down to business, (said in Eminems dorky voice!) 
As I mentioned in my post a few days ago.. I went shopping and I bought...  I purchased a warm, not so fashionable but warm winter coat for my early work shifts on these freezing cold winter mornings..
However.. I never mentioned how friggin hard it was to find one! Coats these days, (Being on a low budget myself) are so expensive and I'm not willing to pay too much for them unless I know they're durable and warm as well as being nice. This made my decision so hard.. I thought I was smart walsing into Karen Millen after seeing a 70 Euro off all coats sign in the window.. Unfortunately I soon learned that 70 quid off the price doesn't really make a difference in a shop like this as most of the coats were around the 400 smackeroo's! 
So to help you guys find that perfect coat for this winter I had a browse on the Ebay Outlet website, (Which I only discovered the other day after I'd already gotten my coat! [Sadface]) 
And here are some of the lovely bits I found...

These stunning, over the knee length coats are under £30! See them here...

It may look like a normal coat on the outside but the inside is lined with faux fur, nice and warm! It's only 99c at the moment so get bidding! Click here to see it...

Poncho's and cloaks are so in this season! I especially love this one which is also just under £30!
Check it out here!

This adorable girly, frilly coat starts at £25, see it here!

I knew I recognized that model! This belted Military coat is from ASOS and the bidding starts at £40!
Click over there to see it ->                    here!

This Fashionable Fleece (as I'd call it) is also on auction and starts at around £14!
Click here if you're interested!

Ok, despite this tacky, drag, pornstar and slightly creepy looking picture I think this jacket could look really funky over a nice outfit, click here to see it in detail... and let's hope I don't have nightmares of the models caked makeup tonight...

And last but certainly not least is this stunning dog tooth coat by Love Label which is just £20..
see it here!!..

I'm not really into bidding and I've never shopped in the Ebay outlets but i discovered tonight that I really should start! You can really get some great bargains on there! I hope this post helps some of you guys find that perfect winter coat :)

Before I go I'd like to say that Moo had to go to the emergency hospital tonight because my dad caught his paw in the door (by accident of course, he feels so bad!) :( He has to be sedated and get little doggy stitches! He's going to have one of those hilarious looking cones around his head for the next couple of weeks and I actually feel so bad! I've only had the poor little fecker a week and he's already injured!
I miss him so much and hate not having him sleeping on my lap while I'm writing this...
So Moo, although you will never see this, Know that mammy loves you and can't wait to pick you up tomorrow!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

WISWISW?... Angel Ball 2011

What does WISWISW stand for? Who Is She and What Is She Wearing?... A new post I'm going to do for all the big events to show you guys whose looking hot and whose... well, not! 

Nothing makes my blood boil more than seeing celebs in hideous outfits, I mean come on... They have all the money in the world to blow on designer clothes, stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists so it baffles me when they can still look rotten on the red carpet! So for this reason, I'm probably going to be incredibly critical!
let's start!...

Event: The 2011 Angel Gala Ball which was held at Cipriani Wall Street last Monday. 

Who is she?
The stunning Newlywed, Kim Kardashian.
What is she wearing?
Kim showed up at the Gala sporting this flowing, strapless black and white dress with a black fur stole, big over the top earrings and two diamond cuffs. If I'm honest, I really don't like this look! Firstly, I'm not a fan of fur, real or fake! It really just doesn't appeal to me on the red carpet, I think it can really tack up an outfit if not worn correctly. In this case I think it looks awful.. It seems to be too much with the dress, a simple black balero would have done the job! With the exception of the fur, I still don't like the dress... It seems too tight especially around the boob area, Those diddy's look like they're begging to be freed! The dress tightens at the waist, which is nice on arrow-glass figures but in this case I don't think it does any justice to Kim's beautifully shaped body, It seems to me that she actually looks a little bigger than she really is. I love the earrings but what made her wear two diamond cuffs? If I was wearing a huge pair of earrings with a simple dress I'd probably not wear any other accessories, they just take away from it! Even one wouldn't have been so bad but why two? I love Kims hair slicked back in the simple bun but I wish she would have done something different with her makeup rather than the black smoky eye that she always seems to sport.

Who is she?
The lovely Ivana Trump.
What is she wearing?
Ivana opted for this Orange dress with a low neck line, cut out side and jewel details across the waist and on the straps. I think Ivana mixed up her age, is she 61 or 16? I mean fair play to the woman, she looks great for her age, but come on? This looks to me like something you'd wear to your debs/prom... I think Ivana would look amazing if she covered up and wore something with long or 3/4 length sleeves and just dressed more modestly, this outfit is way too mutton dressed as lamb!
I'm not sure if it's the color of the dress that is making her washy looking, or if it's just a bad makeup job... but all in all I really don't like this look.

Who is she?
What is she wearing?
Well Eve has certainly came a long way from her revealing, low cut outfits showing off the paw print tattoo's on her mango's! Red is definitely her color, I think it suits her really well... As for the fur, as I said before I'm not a fan, but I'd rather with than without it in this case. The blazer doesn't seem to fit her right and looks a little small and I hate the maroon shoes with it, the outfit would have looked a lot more slick with some black platforms. It's a little on the safe side but all in all it's an alright outfit!

Who is she?
Naomi Campbell
What is she wearing?
Naomi looks stunningly smart in this beautiful Alexander Mcqueen outfit. Those shoes actually have me drooling! Just one problem, I really don't think it's appropriate for the event. While most of the guests were wearing beautiful, floor length gowns Naomi looked a little more casual.. hair and makeup looks great though!

Who is she?
Singer/DJ Solange Knowles, aka Beyonce's little sis!
What is she wearing?
Solange wore this white, pear embellished, draped dress designed by Alessandra Rich with a simple silver cuff. The dress is really stunning but I think it's more for the runway than the red carpet... Solange kind of looks like a duvet...
Also, I would have opted for a simple, loose, up-style with the dress.. her hair looks way too wild for my likings, I'm going to contradict myself here and say that despite all that, there is something I like about the look... I just haven't decided what yet...

Who is she?
What is she wearing?
Shontelle sported a fitted baby blue number accessorized with silver shoes, a silver clutch, and from this photo what appears to be a gold chain? I can't really judge because I can't quite make out the color but if it is gold... Shontelle should really learn that mixing the two so obviously is a no no! Although I love the color of the dress it, like Naomi Campbells, seems really safe and more for a day at the races than a charity ball! 

Who is she?
TV personality Lala Vasquez 
What is she wearing?
Lala looked stunning in this blush, one shouldered chiffon, gown. She certainly was the best out of a bad bunch.. The dress is plain and flowy with a greek goddess look to it and I love her natural makeup and half up, half down hair! 

Who is she?
Top model Sessilee Lopez
What is she wearing?
Another stunning look for me, Sessilee looked stunning in this simple sleek white dress which hugged her long, slim figure. Her hair looks a little greasy and I probably would have preferred more of a loose style, I also would have broken up the color, maybe worn a black clutch bag seeing as, according to fashion police, Black and white is huge this season! Other than that I think she looks great!

Well that's all folks, Just a quick reminder that this is all just my opinion.
I'd love to know what you guys think of these outfits? Don't be afraid to disagree, I'm very cruel when it comes to celebrity outfit choices! lol!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Oh Louise Dear!!!...

So I recently came across a new Artist who I’m obsessed with! Her name is Louise Dear and I don’t know how I haven’t heard of her before now. So I thought I’d tell you guys a little about her and show you some of her work.
As a child Louise’s family raised her in exotic destinations such as South Africa and the far East. When she was six years old they moved back to England. When Louise was 21 she began travelling, heading to places such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and North Africa. When Louise booked a three month holiday to India she ended up staying there for seven years. After that she began travelling south Asia and eventually settled down in Sydney, Australia with her husband. After having her daughter in 1993 Louise moved back to England where she returned to full time education in University College Chichester in 1998. 
Her paintings are large, colourful, and slightly erotic. I especially love her use of mix media. Every painting is intriguing and makes you wonder what the story behind it is. 
The paintings are done on large sheets of prefabricated aluminium. Louise creates a background by throwing, dripping, rubbing in and pouring inks and dyes, glitter and glosses. 
She has quickly moved to the top of my favorite artist list along with the likes of Botticelli and Banksy..
Here are some of my favourite pieces….

Also.. Check out the Alfa Romeo that she designed for the Launch of the Alfa Mito...

To learn more about Louise Dear check out her website here!

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