Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bad owl week...

I've had a bad week! I'm dying of the flu and some sort of bug that's going around, and I lost my Iphone, so I'm stuck in my house with no phone, no numbers, no apps... nothing! I never knew I could be so lost without a phone! Ah wells! I've been head over heels with everything owl! The village I'm from in Italy is on the tip of a mountain and driving up at night time you always see owls on the road, especially in winter! They're just the most beautiful creatures and they're nocturnal, like me! They sleep all day and party all night!! 
Unfortunately in most parts of the world owls are symbols of death and destruction... but Athens patron goddess  and the Goddess of wisdom both had the owl as a symbol.
So I've browsed around and found some of my favorite owl pieces!
Click the links underneath to see them in detail.

    Brooch, Accessorize
Ring, ASOS

Beanie hat, River Island

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