Thursday, 13 October 2011

Deck the halls with Holly Fulton!...

Well this has been a great day.. I was woken up by my mother shoving the phone in my face only to find out that I got the job In Disney!! :) I'm soooo happy I really didn't think I stood a chance! Thanks so much to everyone who wished me luck! You're my lucky charms! 

I recently stumbled across the Autumn/winter collection of a Scottish designer called Holly Fulton and I'm in love with some of the pieces in it! The collection is called 'Kiss me quick, Squeeze me slow.' The collection is based on the power of love, romance and the magic of seduction!' Interesting or what?
The designer collaborated with Swarovski for the fifth time to embellish some of the pieces, I admire her brave use of tweed and technical looking dresses! I also love the subtle, natural makeup with the dark lips and slicked back hair! 

Although I love the collection the colors seem quite summer to me, she opted for bright colors such as yellow and light blue rather than warm winter colors... I kind of respect that she done something unpredictable! What do you think? If you're a fan of this collection check out her website here!

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