Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I went shopping and I bought....

So summer is well and truly over here in Ireland... And the only good things I'm left with are a slight tan and some birthday money!
I was meant to save this money for college, but one day, something clicked, and I decided... 
F*ck this! I deserve to buy myself something nice.. I mean, isn't birthday money given to be spent?
So with that bit of cash in my bank account I've been picking up a few bits and pieces throughout the weeks,
and I thought I'd share them with you guys!
Before I start I'd like to apoligise for the bad photogrophy, my camera broke in the summer and I've been using my mams crappy one!

I've been wanting to try out body butter from The Body Shop for ages but I was worried that the sweet scented cream would rash my delicate skin... Then the other day I popped in to have a look around and got talking to a lovely sales assistant who helped me pick out one that would suit my oily/combination skin and not give me rashes. I chose this. It's a pink Vitamin E cream with wheat germ oil made to moisturise and protect all skin types! I've only been using it for a few days and I'm already impressed, The smell isn't sweet and sickly like some of the strong smelling scented ones I tried out. It's a fresh, rosy smell.. The moisture seems to last all day too! Ok I'll be honest the packaging did make me want to buy it even more... It's a large, round pink tub, who wouldn't want it? It costed me sixteen euro and the woman in the shop assured me that it lasts long, which I believe! 

I picked up this eye catching knitted jumper in topshop a couple of weeks ago, if i remember correctly it costed me around fourty to fifty euro. When I first picked it up I hated how shapeless it was and had my doubts about spending that much money on it, but the minute I tried it on I had to have it! One thing we all need to stock up on this winter is wooly jumpers, they're so comfy and warm! I'm not too sure of the color but my sister calls it Barney Pink... Yes like the Dinosaur.

Coco Madamemoiselle by Chanel has rapidly become my new favorite perfume...
What's that you say?....No of course I didn't buy it! A bottle probably costs more than my house!
but I did happen to find a spare bottle in my mam's room, which I smuggled into my room... 
and she hasn't even noticed!

I often try to grow my bitten down little nails, but lately I've been loving them the way they are! Long nails don't suit me, mainly because I go around with scrapes all over me from not being able to use them!
I like my bitten nails look! And I think these designer nail wraps from Topshop will look cool on them! 
I haven't worn them yet but I'll be putting them on tomorrow for a party, so I'll let you guys know how it goes..

Sorry about the unclear picture, this here is my adorable new wintery skirt from River Island! 
It costed me twenty six euro, which is quite expensive for me, but I fell in love and had to have it!
Here's to hoping I don't see it in the sale for half the price next week! 
That always happens to me!

And If that skirt isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen.. check out this bag! 
Also love at first sight but for the better price of fifteen euro in Dunnes Stores. 
I just love all things wool this winter! 
It comes with small straps so that you can hold it on your arm, and a big strap if you prefer having it on your shoulder or across your chest.

A winter coat. I learned from a tragic experience on Monday when the sun disappeared, rain pelted down and gusts of wind blew planks of wood off building sights in town, that know matter how fashionable you want to be in your cute little Blazer, we all need a big, comfy, not so glam coat for the winter!
With my new job I might be doing 6am shifts, that means leaving my house in the freezing cold, dark winter mornings at 5.30am! So screw that light little Blazer of mine! I bought this baby! It costed me sixty euro in H&M and it's well worth the price, its big, warm and has a hood unlike all of my other pathetic excuses for coats!

As much of a shopaholic as I am, Most of my birthday money went on this little fellar...
Moo the pug!
How could I resist those huge, sparkling, Malteaser eyes?

I might have mentioned before in my blog that I'm quite a spur of the moment person, waking up and deciding to buy a dog, booking a holiday the day before and randomly deciding to get an unplanned piercing or tattoo!
With the remains of my mula I got myself a new tattoo today... I was going in to give my friend moral support while she got hers and ended up coming home with my second tattoo!
I'll upload more photo's when it's healed, right now it's pretty scabby and bloody...

Have any of you guys gone shopping lately? 
What did you get?


  1. I looove Body Shops Body Butter! :D Luckily found a Body Shop in Texas a few weeks ago with my sister :D
    I can't wait to see your tattoo! :D
    Moo is too cute!
    Kara xx

  2. Yes birthday money is all for spending, so spend away!! ;)

    Great buys and OMGee Moo is so cute!!


  3. Love ur baby pug!! so adorable!!! well spent my dear ;)


  4. Thanks guys! You'll probably be seeing a lot more of moo on this, I'm constantly taking pictures of him!


  5. Aww, your dog is so cute!

  6. Firstly, I love the name of your love, very witty and unique!
    You have some great buys, the skirt is too cute. painful is getting a tattoo?

  7. Haha thanks :)
    I really don't think they're that sore!
    I have a small one on my ribs also, (thats meant to be the most painful place to get one) And to be honest I really didn't find it that bad! The one I got on my arm was that bit more painful because it's where the flab is! lol It took like an hour too so I was getting impatient! :)


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