Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Iron Fist Clothing...

Sorry I haven't been blogging as regularly as I usually do the last few days.. I got a new phone line put in and it's screwed up my Internet connection.. nothing more annoying than being half way through an unsaved blog post and your internet shutting off! Grrrr! Now my temperamental bitch of a modem only works when it wants to! Great! Anyways...

Whilst flicking through my mum's Littlewoods magazine I came across a brand which I'm in love with! It's called Iron Fist. Oooooh just the name gives me shivers! They make amazing, rock glam shoes, bags and clothes. I had a look on the website and thought I'd share some of my favourite pieces with you guys. Have a look...

Ice-cream, unicorns, cupcakes, sparrows and owls... whats not to like about this funky handbag!

Love this, it's very Taylor Momsenesque...

Rarrr this one shouldered leapord print dress, animal print is so in this season!

Bonjour mon ami! Nothing better than a little touch of France in your wardrobe!

Love this gummy clutch bag!

I really want this bow dress, the details in the back are amazing!

Love these black stiletto's with gold skulls.

This Blue T-shirt with sexy lips on it is pretty funky too!

Love this hoody!

And lastly these purple platforms with studded black skulls. Love them!

Littlewoods Ireland have a great range of Iron fist clothing. Check them out here!
Or for a wider Range check out the Iron Fist Website here!
What do you guys think of these clothes? Do you have a favorite piece?
Drop a comment..
I'll leave you with a picture of Moo all bandaged up and on the road to recovery :)

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