Friday, 14 October 2011

Meet Moo!!...

I had a long haired Chihuahua for eight years! His name was Gi Gi and he really was the most amazing dog in the world! 

I still remember the day I got him. I, being only nine or ten, I didn't know what a Chihuahua looked like.. I had wanted a dog for years and we found this one on the buy and sell. The woman who was selling him to us was from the country, so she came here to Dublin and arranged that we'd pick the dog up in the train station. Although Gi Gi was only nine weeks old when we got him, for some reason I thought the woman would be holding a giant ball of fluff on a lead. I stood with my mum looking around the train and couldn't see any dogs! Then a woman caught my eye.. in her hands she had a hat and in that hat was my little Gi Gi, curled in a ball looking at me with his huge brown eyes! It was love at first sight! He was the smallest, most adorable thing in the world!

 My father hated him when we brought him home. He wasn't much of a dog person and always moaned about how dogs belong outside! He used to toss Gi Gi (not literally) outside in the cold behind our backs.. but Gi Gi remained loyal to him, and even though he was full of love for me, my sister and my mam, it was my dad he loved the most! In the end my dad ended up becoming best friends with the dog. His tough exterior wore off and he became obsessed with him. Every time he sat down to eat Gi Gi sat beside him and shared his meals! When he watched the football Gi Gi lay on his tummy, they even used to play Rocky Balboa together! (This game was basically my dad sitting on the floor pretending to punch the dog, while the dog barked and tried to box back on his two back legs!)

I know this sounds stupid, but the thing I loved about Gi Gi was that he was like a person, you could have a conversation with him just looking into his huge glossy eyes. If you were happy he was happy and if you were sad he was sad. He wasn't like a pet dog that runs around crazily (although he had his moments!) and he wasn't like a little ratty chihuahua that snaps your fingers off when you go to pet it. He was pretty much the best dog in the world! Unfortunately Chihuahuas suffer from heart problems, he developed a heart murmur a few years back, and despite all of the medication we were giving him it got progressively worse. Every time he got excited he made loud choking sounds, and as time went by he spent most of his days having these little coughing fits. It was horrible to see. 

Then in May, While I was on a night out Gi Gi passed away. He had been having a really bad choking fit at 1am, my sister and dad had rang the emergency vet and were on their way in the car when he took his last breath and died in my sisters arms. I didn't find out until I got home the following evening and I was heartbroken! I never knew the death of a pet could have such an effect on the family. I stayed in bed for days, scared to leave the house in case I ended up breaking into tears in public! My sister had to go to work but still struggled to keep a happy face, My mam was really upset too. My dad put on a brave face, as men do, but for a few nights after he lay in bed crying like a baby. We went to Italy for seven weeks in the summer, and it was horrible coming back to Ireland to an empty house. We'd all gotten over it but the house just didn't feel the same without little Gi Gi trotting around. We began to move on....

We found Gi Gi's old collar last week and it got us thinking, as much as we don't want to replace Gi Gi, we would like to have a dog in the house. Although my parents were reluctant, we started researching into different breeds of dogs. Our family are very spur of the moment... We'll book holidays the day before or stroll into piercing shops and get an unplanned piercing (well, that's only me...) This morning we showed my mum a picture of a black pug that was for sale and she rang the breeder straight away! We arranged to pick the dog up at 7pm. Me and my sister ran to the pet shop and splurged our money on a bed, bowls and puppy food, we rang the vet and got all the info we needed and picked up pet insurance forms, (Because apparently all pedigree dogs should be insured!) At around 6pm, the breeder called us and told us that he'd sold the puppy to someone else and had none left! We were so angry! How unprofessional? He was clearly just in it for the money...

So, as upset as we were, we ran to the internet and looked for a black pug puppy everywhere! We rang about eight different people. We really didn't think we'd get one so last minute, and we had our heart set on getting one tonight... luckily enough we found a man two hours away that was selling them! It was 8pm at this stage so we didn't know how we'd get it! Then, lightbulb, we rang our cousin who lives near the breeder, he picked up the pup for us and drove it all the way to Dublin... Meet Moo the newest edition to our family! :)

He's a jet black pug puppy, only nine weeks old! He's about the size of my hand, he was shy and nervous at first but now he's come into himself a lot and is getting used to his new home! He's having a bit of a restless night though so I'm staying up with him until late so that by the time we go to bed he'll be nice and tired!
I love the name Moo, but my family hate it so its not permanent just yet... I also love the name Guido Pasqualino, I know, I'm a weirdo! 

Sorry for the spiel, but I felt like I couldn't introduce Moo without telling you about Gi Gi!
Any name ideas for me?


  1. Moo looks too cute! I like the name Moo too!

    I am sorry about GiGi, i have a long haired Chichi. He is called Ruffles...Bug is his nickname! Bug is my little fella and i have no idea what i would do with out him! So i truly do feel for you and your family :( Much love!

    Kara :)

  2. Thanks..
    Well I hope your doggy has a long and healthy life!
    It's been really good having a dog around the house again


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