Thursday, 20 October 2011

Oh Louise Dear!!!...

So I recently came across a new Artist who I’m obsessed with! Her name is Louise Dear and I don’t know how I haven’t heard of her before now. So I thought I’d tell you guys a little about her and show you some of her work.
As a child Louise’s family raised her in exotic destinations such as South Africa and the far East. When she was six years old they moved back to England. When Louise was 21 she began travelling, heading to places such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and North Africa. When Louise booked a three month holiday to India she ended up staying there for seven years. After that she began travelling south Asia and eventually settled down in Sydney, Australia with her husband. After having her daughter in 1993 Louise moved back to England where she returned to full time education in University College Chichester in 1998. 
Her paintings are large, colourful, and slightly erotic. I especially love her use of mix media. Every painting is intriguing and makes you wonder what the story behind it is. 
The paintings are done on large sheets of prefabricated aluminium. Louise creates a background by throwing, dripping, rubbing in and pouring inks and dyes, glitter and glosses. 
She has quickly moved to the top of my favorite artist list along with the likes of Botticelli and Banksy..
Here are some of my favourite pieces….

Also.. Check out the Alfa Romeo that she designed for the Launch of the Alfa Mito...

To learn more about Louise Dear check out her website here!

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