Monday, 17 October 2011

Pack up the moon...

I' not much of a reader these days... mainly because I watch a lot of tv and I get bored way too easily. I always get  bored half way through a book and toss it into a corner never to be read again! The kind of books I like are light, easy reads, and they have to be page turners.
So it came as a shock to me that one of my favorite books came free when my mam made a purchase in a local chemist! 

The cover is what made me pick it up. The beautiful photo of a meloncholy woman holding her flowy red dress to her heart really caught my eye! 
Pack up the moon is the first novel to be released by author Anna McPartlin.
It's the story of a young woman, Emma, who watches the love of her life die in front of her eyes.
The story deals with moving on, not only from her perspective , but from the perspective of her close knit group of friends and family. 
In the book we see each of their struggles after the loss of a close friend, we see them grow and move on.
It's a story about loss and friendship and has the ability to take you on a roller-coaster of emotions, you could be laughing, then crying with the turn of a page. 
You can also relate to the characters, they're not superstars or psycho murderers, they're normal people like you and me.
There are no major details in the book, it doesn't take three pages to describe a random object, so it's hard to get bored whilst reading it...
It's a light, easy read, definitely a page turner, seeing as I (a slow reader) finished it within days.
So if any of you are like me when it comes to reading, I highly recommend reading this book!


  1. Wow really? I always loved reading books :D anyways lovely review! Hope you read more as I can assure you that the world of books is fantastic!

  2. I used to read so much and since I finished school it's gone down hill... I like to read plays too! I'll definitely keep it up I forgot how much I enjoyed it! x


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