Monday, 31 October 2011

Rosso Solini..

Christian Laboutin shoes, I've been in love with them for as long as I can remember! Known for their red soles, elegance and high price tag they're pretty much at the top of many womens wishlist's. I, being the luckiest girl in the world, got a pair for my 18th birthday! A huge group of my friends chipped in along with my sister (who chipped in a lot extra) and surprised me with a pair!

Of course not all of us can afford to pay that much for a pair of shoes... And that's where Tara Haughton saw a market niche...

Fifteen year old Tara Haughton from co Kildare, Ireland is the creator of Rosso Solini, a range of designer soles that you can place on your own shoes, transforming them instantly! The idea for the business came when Tara was at a family wedding and got some red confetti stuck to the bottom of her shoe. The teen took the idea to her father who helped her to develop the soles. The Irish made soles have been exported to Canada, the UK and even Isreal! Genius! The starter kit is just nine euro. Not only does the young entrepreneur make the soles in red, she has many different designs and shoe tattoo's to funk up you're feet!

For more info or to buy yourself a pair of Rosso Solini's check out the official website here,
Check out the facebook page here!
I hope you're all having an amazing Halloween.. I'm sick in bed with the flu so I'm sure whatever you're doing is more fun than that! :P

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