Sunday, 16 October 2011

That one night of the year when you can dress like a slut and get away with it!

Halloween is coming! Wooo! I don't know about you but I have dressed up every single year without fail! It seems more fun dressing up now than it ever did when I was a child! The last few years have been different though, Cheers Recession, thanks for coming along and spoiling everything! This year, seeing as I'm saving up for a college education, I really can't afford to dish out a load of cash on a Halloween costume that will be worn once, then left in a Primark bag somewhere to gather dust, only to be pulled out in twenty years time and cringed over! So I've done some browsing around, and found some costume idea's in popular shops, so that they can still be worn and incorporated into your wardrobe after the holidays are over. Have a look....

Lady Ga Ga
Everyone's going Ga Ga this Halloween and I think the best outfit to go for is her american flag one she wears in the telephone video...and it's quite easy to put together seeing as the american flag is all over the high street!
These funky american flag shorts are a great alternative to the underwear she's wearing, they're from Topshop, and they can be worn on a night out with a plain white, red, or blue top and a nice pair of heels!
This cute top from ASOS would also be great for this costume and would make a great addition to your summer 2012 wardrobe! I know, It's October, but I usually start picking up bits and pieces for the summer around this time in the sales! Works out a lot cheaper!
This cute Turbanesque headband can be worn around your head with a yellow wig, or if you're blonde you could probably just keep your hair normal, I think people will get the picture! lol!


I found this sweet little blue and white chequered dress on ebay, it's only $7.19 so even if you're not going to wear it again, it's cheap for a Halloween costume! These head over heels red sparkly shoes by dune can be found on Littlewoods, They're so wearable and perfect for tapping your feet and chanting there's no place like home! On the night you could pair the shoes with a little pair of blue or white socks and have your hair in pigtails, and Voila, We have Dorithy!

Ever since Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape concert I've been obsessed with the idea of dressing up as a sexy, fashionable convict! And all you need is some red lipstick and a striped outfit!...
Like this sexy bodycon dress from River Island.. All you need now is some handcuffs and you're sorted!
For more stiped clothes check out my old post, I'm seeing Stripes...!

Niki Minaj
Weather you like her or not, you have to admit, her ass is the biggest thing to hit tv since Titanic!
I've been planning on dressing up as her this halloween, and the outfit she wears in the video for Superbass, Is really easy to find! 

All you need is a pair of denim short shorts, like the pair above from River Island, A plain white vest top/ tank top, Hot pink Dr Martens like these ones from Amazon, a pink wavy wig would complete the outfit, the best one I could find is the one above from, You'd probably find a better one in you're local costume shop! To complete this look I would stuff my ass with Pillows. Seriously! Big pillows! Because it's not Niki Minaj without that HUGE BOOTY!

Greek Goddess
Toga time!
This stunning white, one shoulder dress from ASOS already has that Goddess look to it, just accessorize it with some thick, gold bangles such as the one above from Topshop, and a nice head piece like the one above which I found on ebay

Pretty Woman
When else can you dress like a prostitute and get away with it? lol!
Instead of wearing the strange blue Leotard, you could go for the outfit Julia wears on the cover, all you need is a leather skirt, like the one above from ASOS, a light pink Leotard, the one above is from American Apparel, and these hot Over the knee boots, which are guaranteed to be worn with jeans or leggings this winter! They're from Korkys..

Wahhhh! I'm hoping to see lots of Snooki's around this Halloween because I love her!!
And she's so easy to dress up as, all you need is a big huge back quiff, a wonderbra, or two, A slutty dress, preferably cheetah skin, and a LOAD of fake tan!
St Moriz tan from primark would do the job, just layer it on and you'll be looking like a true guidette! 
This sexy dress from is also perfect for Snooki!

What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? 

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