Sunday, 23 October 2011

Winter coats.. Brrrr...

Before I start I'd just like to have a little rant about tonights X Factor.. because personally I thought it was pretty mental! So here we go...

Frankie Cocozza you little filth! I know we all love a bad boy but come on how do so many girls drool over this sleazy, non talented, guy-liner wearing MORON!
Kelly Rowland will you marry me?
Louis Walsh your hilarious facial expressions and general cuteness make my life complete.
Whoever the fuck styles the X factor, get a new job... What the hell do you have some of these poor people wearing? Sammi especially tonight! She could have looked amazing and instead you dresses her in a garbage sack...
Tulisa, (if that's how you spell it) look up the word ROCK!!... I'm pretty sure a picture of Kesha won't come up!
That is all...

Now let's get down to business, (said in Eminems dorky voice!) 
As I mentioned in my post a few days ago.. I went shopping and I bought...  I purchased a warm, not so fashionable but warm winter coat for my early work shifts on these freezing cold winter mornings..
However.. I never mentioned how friggin hard it was to find one! Coats these days, (Being on a low budget myself) are so expensive and I'm not willing to pay too much for them unless I know they're durable and warm as well as being nice. This made my decision so hard.. I thought I was smart walsing into Karen Millen after seeing a 70 Euro off all coats sign in the window.. Unfortunately I soon learned that 70 quid off the price doesn't really make a difference in a shop like this as most of the coats were around the 400 smackeroo's! 
So to help you guys find that perfect coat for this winter I had a browse on the Ebay Outlet website, (Which I only discovered the other day after I'd already gotten my coat! [Sadface]) 
And here are some of the lovely bits I found...

These stunning, over the knee length coats are under £30! See them here...

It may look like a normal coat on the outside but the inside is lined with faux fur, nice and warm! It's only 99c at the moment so get bidding! Click here to see it...

Poncho's and cloaks are so in this season! I especially love this one which is also just under £30!
Check it out here!

This adorable girly, frilly coat starts at £25, see it here!

I knew I recognized that model! This belted Military coat is from ASOS and the bidding starts at £40!
Click over there to see it ->                    here!

This Fashionable Fleece (as I'd call it) is also on auction and starts at around £14!
Click here if you're interested!

Ok, despite this tacky, drag, pornstar and slightly creepy looking picture I think this jacket could look really funky over a nice outfit, click here to see it in detail... and let's hope I don't have nightmares of the models caked makeup tonight...

And last but certainly not least is this stunning dog tooth coat by Love Label which is just £20..
see it here!!..

I'm not really into bidding and I've never shopped in the Ebay outlets but i discovered tonight that I really should start! You can really get some great bargains on there! I hope this post helps some of you guys find that perfect winter coat :)

Before I go I'd like to say that Moo had to go to the emergency hospital tonight because my dad caught his paw in the door (by accident of course, he feels so bad!) :( He has to be sedated and get little doggy stitches! He's going to have one of those hilarious looking cones around his head for the next couple of weeks and I actually feel so bad! I've only had the poor little fecker a week and he's already injured!
I miss him so much and hate not having him sleeping on my lap while I'm writing this...
So Moo, although you will never see this, Know that mammy loves you and can't wait to pick you up tomorrow!

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