Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Big Christmas Giveaway last chance!

Hello ladies...
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Issue of the month: The Chernobyl Disaster...

My first ever Issue of the month was about the cruelty of Greyhound Racing...
Last month I discussed Pagaent Princesses or Pedophile Prey...
They went down quite well... so this month I thought I'd discuss something that really bothers me.. Nuclear Power Plants...

I never knew much about Chernobyl, just that it was a nuclear accident somewhere in the world and that my granny had temporarily fostered a girl from there long before I was born. This summer when I returned to Italy I stayed in my granny's house I discovered a book called 'Children of Chernobyl' by Adi Roche. I picked it up out of boredom and was shocked at what I discovered. I was horrified to learn the effects chernobyl had on thousands of people, how it's still effecting them today and how there are still power plants up and running after such a catastrophe!

On April 26, 1986, A reactor at The Chernobyl Power Plant, Ukraine, blew up. The accident was caused by technicians who were trying to install a security system two years after the plant had started working! A fire burned for ten days releasing 190 tons of radioactive materials into the environment. 

Two people were killed immediately from the explosion and 29 from radiation. 200 others became incredibly ill, some of them later died. It was estimated that eight years after the accident 8000 people had died from illnesses caused by radiation. Even unborn children are still effected by the disaster still inherit diseases from their parents today. 

Wind spread the radioactivity over Ukraine, Belarus and Russia but traces were found in Italy and France. The Soviet Government were responsible for a lot of deaths too as they tried to conceal the disaster but were forced to admit that there had been an accident at Chernobyl after two days, only then did the evacuation begin. As many as 7 million people have been effected, mainly children due to the inadequate medical treatment. 

A sarcophagus was built over reactor number four to stop emitting radiation but severe cracks have formed on the shell over the years and natural accidents such as earthquakes and strong winds could effect it. The most toxic environment in the world is still home to hundreds and thousands of people. Birth defects have increased by 200% and congenital deformities have increased by 250%.

Adi Roches book interviews several victims of the accident and goes into detail about the disaster. I really recommend it, it's truly given me a great insight into the Chernobyl catastrophe. 

The thing that sickens me the most is that nuclear plants are still operating in eastern Europe and there is still danger of a great catastrophe. Last March when an earthquake caused a huge Tsunami in Japan we all feared for an accident in the Fukushima power plant when the cooler system failed. We wouldn't have had to worry about that if there was no power plant to begin with.

Nuclear power effects the environment and humanity.The production of radioactivity causes huge amounts of pollution and damage to people, animals and the earth. There is also a huge problem with nuclear waste which can cause huge health problems... So why the hell are they still around? 

I got a lot of my facts from a thesis by Vassela Daskalova which I found online and from Adi Roches book, Children of Chernobyl. Adi Roche has since set up a charity for children effected by the accident. See the website here!.. 

I found an amazing photographer called Paul Fusco who photographed children effected by Chernobyl..
This is where I most of the disturbing pictures from, I highly recommend taking a look at more of his stuff as he captured perfectly the chaotic, catastrophic and disturbing effects this Nuclear plant had on people.
Click here to see his website.
Nuclear Power plants are no joke and we need to do everything we can to put an end to it! Spreading awareness is really important as, like me before I discovered the book, Many people are oblivious to the dangers they can cause.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Pet Peeves...

I've noticed a lot of bloggers doing this lately and I thought I'd try it out myself seeing as I'm a major moan-bag and hate quite a lot of things! lol

Scarlett Johansson
I've never had any reason to hate her.. but I still did! She kind of reminds me of a Blowfish with her piggy nose and pouted lips.. and I just hate her in every film!
Now that her phone's been hacked, naked pictures that she'd taken of herself in the mirror have been revealed to the world and she is now a proven narcissist! Muhaha!

Mean Bus Drivers!
I rang the bell and you have failed to stop.. 
I rang the bell at the next stop and you once again failed to stop...
a man rang the bell at the next stop and you stopped.
I got off and had to walk for ten minutes.. kind of defeats the purpose of getting the bus doesn't it?

People that randomly come up to you in a nightclub smoking area or on the street while your enjoying a nice ciggy and say.. 'smoking is bad for you'... 
No fucking way? Is it? Why has nobody ever told me that before? I must have missed the large black print on the front of every packet that says SMOKING KILLS in English and Irish!
I'm not promoting smoking.. I know it's bad but it's something I've chosen to do, so just don't piss me off about it! Mmmmmmkay?

Bad Irish Accents in films
There are thousands of unemployed Irish actors out there struggling to pay rent, working multiple jobs and trying their best to get decent auditions, and for films like PS I love you (Don't even get me started on how much I hate the film having read the book).. when an Irish actor is required.. why lord why? did they have to choose Gerard Butler, who is Scottish and put us Irish to shame with his shitty accent which was completely hilarious and non existing in our country!

Competitive girls
By this I mean girls who are vain, arrogant and see everything as a competition!
for example... the kind of girl that whilst watching a super hot model on tv will declare aloud.. 'I look like her'  or 'I could be the next her..' No you couldn't your pathetic. I especially hate it when it comes to the male genre.. 'You have openly admitted to me that you like that guy so I'm going to go over there, flirt my ass off with him and try to get stuck in just to prove that I'm better than you!'
I know it sounds surreal but I actually know someone like this.. And it does my fricken head in!

People that hate confrontation
Ok I'm not saying you've to punch someone in the face when you have a problem with them, and the odd bitching session is allowed, but when it comes to my friends I like to tell them the minute I have a problem with something they've done/said.. that way we can talk about it, have a little apology session and move on! I hate when people compress their feelings and don't tell you things out straight, that just leads to built up tension, and one day it's all going to pour out and turn into a huge fight that could ruin your friendship! 
Cat fight! Tehe!...

Standing in dog pee..
I'm having a lazy hangover day today which means chilling in my jim jams and bare feet..
Unfortunately for me Moo's bladder is the size of a peanut.. so he is constantly having accidents all over the house.. and i've stood in it not once, but twice! Ewww..
Sometimes I could swear the little fecker does it on purpose.. I mean right in front of my spot on the couch.. and right beside the kitchen counter where the biscuits are kept! The two places I spend most of my time! lol
Then to top it all off he does the 'Sidewards pug glance' whilst your giving out to him to make you feel like a bad parent! Damn you Moo!

The X Factor Stylists..
whoever the fuck they are they need to be fired!
They take fresh faced, self styled contestants, chop, color and style their hair, do the most ridiculous things with their makeup and throw them out on stage in some of the most stupid outfits I have ever seen that don't suit the individuals style or figure...
This year there's a new style team, and I have seen some improvement compared to previous years.. but all in all they're still shockingly bad and my anger increases each Saturday... 

Wow, I feel great after that little rant! Muhahahahaha*smokers cough*hahahahah
Do any of you ladies agree or have some pet peeves of your own? 
I'd like to hear about them!

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Salvatore Dali...

So the guy is amazing and really famous but I only discovered him the other day whilst watching one of those pawn shop reality shows!
Salvatore Dali was a surrealist painter born in Spain.
All of the best ones seem to have strange childhoods don't they? At just five years old Dali was taken to his older brothers grave and told by his parents that he was the reincarnation of his deceased older sibling. Dali believed them and lived his life going by the saying; 'we resembled each other like two drops of water, but we had different reflections..'
creepy.. but I kind of like it.. and if that's not creepy enough check out some of his crazy, fantastic and warped (I use that word a lot don't I?) work...
Forgive me if not all of these pictures aren't by Dali, I couldn't find an official website for him seeing as he's been dead for over twenty years, so I had to do an old school Google Image job..

Aren't they epic?

Before I go I'd like to remind you lovely Ladies of my Christmas Giveaway which ends on the first of December at 09:00.. Only four entrants so far so you all have a great shot at winning!
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Best of luck 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

GaGa's workshop!

For the first time ever Barneys in New York paired up with Lady Gaga and creative director Nicola Formichetti and created Ga Ga's workshop, a  place full of the twisted imagination of GaGa herself, making this a very warped yet wonderful Christmas Indeed. Think the night before Christmas meets glitter and grease! lol... The best part is 25% of the profits made goes to Lady Gaga's newly formed charity, the Born this way foundation. It was opened yesterday the 21st of November by GaGa herself looking glamorous as ever!

Full of pop punk culture Barneys was transformed.. some of the features included this giant GaGa spider, this GaGa... thingy and this colorful train...

Now for what I'm really interested in... the products up for sale! The singer wanted to sell gifts for everyone, poor, rich, fat, skinny, everyone!
I visited the website which you can find here... and picked out some of my favorite pieces to show you ladies! So here we go...

The Little monster set of plush toys.. they're classed as toys but I'd love to have them!
See here...

This Crystal embellished military style hat is ridiculously expensive, but hey at least one quarter of the profits go to charity.. If I won the lotto.. ugh don't even get me started!

Loving this monster red lipstick created especially for the workshop...

Also quite expensive but I love this bronze and silver cuff!

How GaGa is this Unicorn stocking? You probably all know about Lady Gaga's infatuation with unicorns, she even has one tattoed on her leg.. Best memory of her concert was her rolling around in fake blood hugging a unicorn teddy that a fan had thrown on stage! I love her loopiness! see here!

How epic are these spiked and studded gloves?

mmm... I wouldn't mind a bite of this glamorous chocolate shoe! See here!

And whats not to love about a chocolate lollipop with Gaga's face on it?

So what do you ladies think of these products? 

I had such a rough day in work today and I thought I'd ask you ladies a question..
Have you ever cried in work?
I swear I had trembly lips at one stage.. Thank Jebus I kept my composure and didn't break down in front of the whole store!
I told my sister when I got home and she told me it's normal and that everyone cries at least once in work!
So tell me about it? Have you ever broken down or almost broken down right in the middle of work?
I'm curious! lol


Monday, 21 November 2011

It's Review Time!

 I'm not one for doing reviews on beauty products because.. quite frankly I haven't got a clue about different skin types and beauty products. Lately though, I've been trying out lots of different products and thought I'd give it a go and tell you ladies how they went.

This here is a Fantasy Island Bath Blaster by Bomb cosmetics. My aunty works in a chemist and after telling her about my Lush addiction she decided to pick me up a few from work and bring them home to me as a little surprise.. (she lives with me at weekends.. long story but I love her) :) 
I'm not sure how much this costs in Euro but it's £2.29 and well worth it. It fizzes up instantly when thrown in the bath and there's chunks of real pineapple. Being as careless as I am I seemed to forget that I have a blog and didn't take pictures... so I robbed this one from Google... Only con is... as disgusting as this sounds... It turns the water yellow so I kind of felt like I was bathing in pee. I'm a strange person what can I say? lol
Check out the Bomb Cosmetics website here!

I was desperately seeking a new cleanser toner and moisturizer after the summer because after letting a friend experiment with my makeup I broke out in a crazy rash and dry skin on my forehead. I have naturally oily skin and don't suffer with acne (unless tom is visiting).. so the girl in the Body Shop tore me away from the tea tree oil products and recommended this.. Seaweed purifying cleanser and seaweed clarifying toner. They smell like the sea! I have to say they done a great job with the dry skin and it was gone within a few days.. but ever since they've done nothing for my skin. If anything I've been breaking out a lot more regularly than I used to so i don't think they suit my skin type at all, time to say goodbye... The moisturizer on the other hand is great! It's just a basic Vitamin E moisture cream (Like my Body butter) It's not heavily scented and it lasts quite long so I'll definitely be keeping it and I recommend it! Each product cost around the ten euro mark.

I've probably mentioned before that I have quite sallow skin which when I lose my tan almost looks yellow! lol.. I've always suffered with huge bags under my eyes due to the pigmentation of my skin and my crazy Insomniac phases. I picked this up in boots the other day. It's a Soap & Glory moisturizing eye gel with swift-lift technology. It hasn't worked miracles just yet but we're getting there, I'll let you ladies know how it goes further down the line... One thing I do love is that it's cool and refreshing and I look forward to applying it in the mornings!

I mentioned in a Lush Haul post last month that I'd picked up Grease Lighning. For those of you who don't know, it's a spot treatment containing tea tree oil and I must say it's been great! As I said before I rarely get spots but when I do they're usually under the skin and end up being big painful lumps. A few squirts of this baby and the spot comes right out in just days. I love it and will definitely be re-purchasing!

I've never been into taking care of my feet but when my mam brought this home for me I couldn't resist. It's a Boots foot cream with mint, lavender and marshmallow. Que the mean girls quote: 'you're face smells like peppermint!' lol. It's really nice, I just rub it on after every shower and my feet feel great! I also never realized how therapeutic it is to apply foot cream.. I'm there for ages some nights! lol

Yes it's yet another Body Shop product. I've been using this tea tree face mask for years! I started buying it when I was younger and loved how it was thick and green like the ones you see in movies.. It's known to cool your skin and lift away Impurities. I use it once a month and my skin feels great afterwards. It costs around 11 euro and the only con is that if left on for too long it dries like cement and is really hard to get off.. it's also messy, very messy! lol

That's pretty much it for my review.
Remember my Big Christmas Giveaway ends on the first of December at nine am, to see details and enter click here.. not many people have entered so everyone stands a great chance at winning!
I haven't been playing the crazy pug lady lately and leaving you with crazy pictures of my dog so....

Ta Daaaaaaa!
Moo had a bath! lol


Friday, 18 November 2011

Release your inner animal...

I realized yesterday when I spotted a snakeskin clutch, that animal print is truly one thing that will never go out of fashion. I've had animal print in my wardrobe for years and I can pull out a dress from a couple of years ago, wear it today and still feel trendy! I especially love animal print around the Christmas party season!
The one problem I have with it is that in the wrong hands it can look tacky. 
People that like to over accessorize should be careful, when there's a lot going on with a dress you don't need 300 bangles or long feathered earrings. 
I've done some major browsing today and there is literally a puddle of drool underneath me! The day my paycheck comes I'm hitting the town and doing some major shopping!
So here are some animal print clothes that I love...

Topshop.. I'd pair this classy yet sexy dress with some skyscraper, black pointed heels.

Also from Topshop.. this dress could easily look tacky with all of the silver sequins so I'd pair it with some black or silver heels and a nice pair of black tights would look great under it.

I'm in love with these gold metallic snakeskin jeans from River Island! I'd pair them with a flowy black top and some chunky ankle boots!

These babies are also from River Island.. I absolutely love them! They'd make even black jeans and a T-shirt look super funky!

This super hot Snakeskin, sequined dress from is also stunning! I love it with the nude platforms that the model is wearing!

For those of you brave enough to wear them, cheetah skin leggings are super hot.. these are also from, I'd probably be boring and play it super safe by wearing them with all black..

This sweet little snakeskin dress complete with collars is from Asos and I absolutely love it! I'd wear it with black tights and some black brogues.

Nail wraps are taking over the world I tell you! lol, These funky animal print ones are from Asos..

Pauls boutique is known for his brave use of animal print on his bags and purses. They're available in BT2 and if you don't live in Ireland you'll find this one on Asos!

Last but definitely not least, this stunning maxi dress is from Asos.. It would have been ideal for the summer but you can still make it wintery by adding a long knitted cardigan and some ankle boots and even wearing tights under it! Love it love it love it!!

What do you ladies think of animal print?
Don't forget to enter my Big Christmas Giveaway to win some pretty prizes, to enter check it out here!

now that we're on the topic of animals I came across this Fake Blood remix of Mike Snow's song 'Animal' before the summer.. it's such a good tune, I actually like it better than the original!


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