Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bedroom Delights!...

I absolutely love my bedroom, as we all do! 
For us girls our bedroom is our little escapade to get away from the troubles of everyday life and chill in comfort!
Only problem with my bedroom is that it hasn't been done up since the nineties, so everything about it is old fashioned and grannyish.. My attic is converted and it's a huge room with just a pool table in it. I've been wanting to cover the old, worn out, dusty carpets with wooden floors and do the whole thing up beautiful! Unfortunately my parents don't have the funds this year, but a girl can dream! I have the whole room planned out including a walk-in wardrobe and I'm constantly browsing on e-bay for new pretty things to fill it with, so I thought I'd share some of them with you guys!
The theme for the room is light, easy going yet chic, heavenly and very pretty!

I'd go for a cream color on two walls and this wallpaper, or a similar one, on the other two walls. click here to see this wallpaper on E-bay, I'd probably get something like it in my local wall paper shop or off whoever is doing my room instead of buying it online.

I've always loved the idea of having a princess bed and this mosquito net can transform any bed into a four post masterpiece! I absolutely love it! It's twenty five dollars on e-bay, check it out here!

Pathetic as it sounds I used to take pictures of my shoes and stick them on the shoe box, (I know a lot of you are guilty too) so that none of them would be forgotten and I could find any pair in the box. These babies are see through plastic shoe boxes so no matter how high the stack gets you can see which shoes are in which box without having to go through the effort of photographing them all. Click here to see them in detail on e-bay, Or you can get similar ones in Penneys/Primark.

..and if you're taking great care of your shoes why not treat your clothes too by hanging them on these beautiful cream padded hangers. I love them! As you can tell I love the little details and I got this idea in a boutique I was in that had beaded hangers! It's five dollars for a pack of six and you can get them on ebay here.

I love this vintage bedside table too! Click here to see it in detail.

I'd also love a super girly, vintage dressing table like this one! See it here! It costs twenty dollars!

Now some art for the walls... I'd love to personalise my room with pictures/posters of my favorite people..
                                                                            Sofia Loren
She's like an Italian Version of Audrey Hepburn..
                                                                               Kurt Cobain
I love this painting, he looks so troubled!
She's my favorite female artist and her smile makes me warm inside! Why not have her poster on the wall?

I love both of these mirrors and find it really hard to choose between them! 
They're both really reasonable prices too! Click here to see the one on the right and here to see the one on the left.

Believe it or not.. this is a lamp! I'm absolutely in love with it! Such a beautiful piece!
Click here to see it.. It's only fourteen dollars! 

I'd also need a few bits like this jewelry holder as I have so many accessories that I'd love to have on display! Check it out here

So they're some of the pieces I'd love to have in my bedroom! What to you guys think of them?
Do you have any cute pieces in your bedroom that you'd recommend?

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