Monday, 14 November 2011

The Big Christmas Giveaway!

What better time for my first ever give away than Christmas?
Work is going to be getting really stressful in December so I thought I'd do my giveaway sooner rather than later so I can get the prizes to the winner in time for Crimbo! I'm also getting awfully tempted to keep the products for myself so I have to do this now or I'll end up tearing into them! 
I wanted the prizes to suit everyone so I've thrown a few products together from brands that I've used and that I trust! So.. wanna see whats up for grabs??...

Here it is.. I'll go into a little more detail....

The Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel London has been so hard to get!
Every time I pop into Boots It's all gone already..
the shop assistant couldn't stress enough to me that it's been flying off the shelves since the day it came out! Luckily for me I popped in early one morning on my way to work and picked up two. One for me and one for you! I bought myself 04, which is the purple color, for the giveaway I thought I'd go with something more diverse that suits everyone so I picked up number 05, a pinky red color. I didn't want to open it so see the color below...

Next up, a pair of Rosso Solini designer soles in Red. If you're not sure what they are check out the previous post and it'll explain. As you know the lovely Tara Haughton sent me some to test out and I felt way too selfish taking them all to myself, so I thought I'd give a pair away. This makeover kit contains a pair of red soles and a safety knife so that you can make any old pair of shoes look high fashion!

I absolutely love Soap and Glory products! This here is Peaches and Clean cleansing milk with a special clogged T-zone formula. Its ingredients include peach extract and Jojoba oil. I've heard it's a great cleanser and good for removing makeup!....

Which brings me to the next product... Soap & Glory Off your Face makeup wipes which I've read some great reviews on! They're 3-in-1 cleansing, toning and skin smoothing cloths which are acid free and gentle on the skin. Unfortunately they cost a bit more than any regular makeup wipes so I thought I'd throw a pack in as a nice treat.

Last but certainly not least,  pair of getlashed professional eyelashes. I use these every so often and absolutely love them! An adhesive is included in the box so you don't have to worry about the glue.
It says on the box that they can be used up to five times.. but if I'm perfectly honest the most I've got out of them is two wears.. Mainly because I usually stumble into bed in a drunken state, forget to take them off and wake up with one stuck to my face and one lost somewhere beneath the duvets of my queen sized bed! I'm sure you ladies will get a lot more wear out of them than I ever have! lol!

Entry requirements
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address..
For an extra entry like my Facebook page which you'll find here and leave me a comment saying that you'd like to enter the giveaway!
You won't get an extra entry but feel free to follow me on twitter to see all of my latest blog updates ->
And Feel free to tell all your friends!

The Closing Date to enter is the first of December at 09:00am, the winner will be announced later that day and be chosen through! 
Best of luck ladies!

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