Friday, 18 November 2011

Clutch em up...

Oh the clutch bag.. the bag you clutch!
I don't know where I'd be without them.. probably one of those girls that bring ginormous bags out clubbing and end up tossing them on the ground and dancing in a circle around them!
Weather your the kinda gal that goes for a simple one to go with everything, or a crazy one to funk up your outfit there really is one for everyone!
My collection of clutches is constantly growing and they really are becoming the most popular accessory (apart from shoes of course!) in my wardrobe. 
So I've had a nose around and found some of my favorite ones! Just click the links below to see them in detail!

ASOS.. This little fella will funk up any outfit and go great with nudes, browns or even blacks!
For those of you with more expensive taste this Christopher Kane clutch is so futuristic and groovy! I just love it! It's available on net-a-porter..
I absolutely love this lace ball clutch from River Island..
It would make even the most simple of outfits stand out!
Add some sparkle to your outfit with this sequined gold bar clutch from Topshop..
It comes with a longer strap inside which I always look out for in clutches so weather its a crazy drunken night, a concert or even travelling you can always have it strapped over your shoulder to prevent loss of any valuables! 
For the proper girly girls there's this sweet, glitter, heart shaped clutch which I spotted in Accessorize..
Snake skin has been a trend that comes and goes so it's nice to have a touch of it in your wardrobe.. I love this clutch from a/wear.. It's elegant and simple, and would go with almost anything!
I don't know if you ladies have heard of them but I'm a huge fan of Paparazzi clutch bags which usually come to BT2 in the months leading up to Christmas.. They're rock solid and shaped like a magazine and every time I wear mine out people are fascinated by it! If you're not from Ireland these Clutches are available in many different designs on ASOS...
Yet another one that we can look at but can't touch unless we're in the money... I absolutely adore this white and grey snakeskin clutch with a crystal ring knuckle clasp by Alexander McQueen..
It's so Ga Ga!

What do you ladies think of these clutches?

Just a little rant about how nice some people are.. I gave a woman ten euro extra change in work today and didn't even cop.. She actually came back in and gave it back to me! I felt like leaping over the counter and giving her a huge hug! It's nice to see that underneath all of the bitterness this recession has brought there are still some lovely people out there!

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