Thursday, 17 November 2011

Elie Saab, more dresses to die for!...

Back In September I posted about a Designer I'd come across through a dress on Gossip Girl, Zuhair Murad...
Well ladies I've done it again and discovered yet another designer who makes stunning, spectacular dresses!
Born In Lebanon the self thought designer began making dresses for his sisters at the tender age of just nine years old! By the time he was a teenager he was already selling his exquisite creations to the women in his neighborhood! Now a huge name in the fashion industry his creations have broadened to dresses, perfume and accessories! It's his dresses I have my eye on in particular after coming across one in his perfume ad!..

So I found his official website, which is pretty funky might I add.. and I has a nose and picked out some of my favorite pieces to show you guys!.. Here we go..

Zuhair is still my all time favorite as he seems to be more brave with his color choices but Elie is following close behind him! I just love the detail in each dress, hand beading, subtle colors, flowing materials and flowery textures making his dresses drape gracefully on the models bodies!
What do you ladies think?

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And may I just add.. what the heck is with all the filthy pictures going around on facebook?
I nearly fell off my chair when I scrolled down my news feed to find a picture of some dude holding his own... think of nice word for it think of nice word for it... PENIS! Thats a nice word to call it isn't it?
Seriously though.. Keep that stuff for the bedroom.. please refrain from posting it online for some poor little Irish blogger to come across and nearly die of a shock induced heart attack!

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