Tuesday, 22 November 2011

GaGa's workshop!

For the first time ever Barneys in New York paired up with Lady Gaga and creative director Nicola Formichetti and created Ga Ga's workshop, a  place full of the twisted imagination of GaGa herself, making this a very warped yet wonderful Christmas Indeed. Think the night before Christmas meets glitter and grease! lol... The best part is 25% of the profits made goes to Lady Gaga's newly formed charity, the Born this way foundation. It was opened yesterday the 21st of November by GaGa herself looking glamorous as ever!

Full of pop punk culture Barneys was transformed.. some of the features included this giant GaGa spider, this GaGa... thingy and this colorful train...

Now for what I'm really interested in... the products up for sale! The singer wanted to sell gifts for everyone, poor, rich, fat, skinny, everyone!
I visited the website which you can find here... and picked out some of my favorite pieces to show you ladies! So here we go...

The Little monster set of plush toys.. they're classed as toys but I'd love to have them!
See here...

This Crystal embellished military style hat is ridiculously expensive, but hey at least one quarter of the profits go to charity.. If I won the lotto.. ugh don't even get me started!

Loving this monster red lipstick created especially for the workshop...

Also quite expensive but I love this bronze and silver cuff!

How GaGa is this Unicorn stocking? You probably all know about Lady Gaga's infatuation with unicorns, she even has one tattoed on her leg.. Best memory of her concert was her rolling around in fake blood hugging a unicorn teddy that a fan had thrown on stage! I love her loopiness! see here!

How epic are these spiked and studded gloves?

mmm... I wouldn't mind a bite of this glamorous chocolate shoe! See here!

And whats not to love about a chocolate lollipop with Gaga's face on it?

So what do you ladies think of these products? 

I had such a rough day in work today and I thought I'd ask you ladies a question..
Have you ever cried in work?
I swear I had trembly lips at one stage.. Thank Jebus I kept my composure and didn't break down in front of the whole store!
I told my sister when I got home and she told me it's normal and that everyone cries at least once in work!
So tell me about it? Have you ever broken down or almost broken down right in the middle of work?
I'm curious! lol


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