Monday, 7 November 2011

Imperfections make us perfect...

What is it with us girls? Myself included, every time we look in the mirror we seem to find something new to hate about ourselves and moan about for the rest of our lives! I'm guilty, me and my sister are constantly moaning about our weight and our noses! I have a giant Roman nose that's slightly crucked and it wasn't until one of my friends.. (Not a very good friend) compared my nose to my uncles huge nose, that I realized my nose wasn't normal! After that every time I looked in the mirror or looked at a photo of myself all I could see was this Giant shnozzle staring back at me. This summer I went away for seven weeks, got a tan and also gained a lot more confidence, and ever since I cannot stress enough how our Imperfections make us perfect and make us who we are. Cheesy, but true! So to convince you girlies I've decided to do a post on some beautiful celebrities and their imperfections! 

Gap Teeth
One thing I find truly beautiful on a woman is a gap in their teeth! 
I just think it's so beautiful! Madonna is practically famous for hers! The beautiful Georgia Jagger, (Daughter of Mick Jagger, duh!) graced the cover of Vogue showing off her gap and of course Vanessa Paradis bagged herself the sexiest man alive (johnny Depp) with her stunning gap! Did you know, My mam told me this so it's probably complete bullshit, That people with gaps in their teeth are known to be better singers?


I have really sallow skin so I don't have any, but I absolutely love freckles and have never understood why so many of the friends I've had through the years have layered on the makeup in order to cover them! Freckles are a true sign of beauty and I think they really make girls look naturally pretty!

Sienna Miller, Lily Cole and Mischa Barton all have beautiful freckled faces!

Oh with the nose!
I always slag my mam about having a huge nose and resembling a crow.. I'm terrible, I know! but one day when she suggested having a nose job I actually stood up and took a hissy fit telling her I love her nose, It defines her face and make her beautiful! Guess I can't use that slag anymore... Its so true! 

Jennifer Grey (Baby from dirty dancing) sported the big nose look and was still absolutely stunning! i remember reading somewhere that the reason she didn't get much work after Dirty Dancing was that she got a nose job and just didn't look the same as she used to! Leah Michelle (From Glee) often talks about how she loves her Jewish nose, I'm not a fan of hers but I am a fan of that nose.. Celine Dion is known for her long, wide nose which I also think makes her stunning!

That little extra weight...
Weight is always a huge issue with us girls, and let's face it, with this amount of hormones it's so easy to put it on.. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a big girl and I don't think anyone can call themselves a woman without having curves!

The beautiful America Ferrara is known for her stunning body with curves in all the right places, as is Queen Latifah, and plus sized model Whitney from America's next top model, won that season and is hugely successful now! In the words of Mika, Big girls you are beautiful! 

Small Boobs
Sandbags, what can you do with them? When they're too small we moan, and when they get too big we develop friggin back problems! My friends think I'm crazy because I absolutely LOVE the flat chested look and on occasion I've actually considered taping mine down... I love the low cut dress with flat chest look and usually when I wear low cut things I actually ditch the bra so that I can achieve this look!

I absolutely hate the way most celebrities end up getting boob jobs, My sister went to Vegas last year and came home telling me she was the only person there with natural boobs and felt quite left out! Now I don't mind plastic surgery at all! If you really really can't stand something that much and feel like it's destroying your self confidence, go for it... I just love the fact that the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Knightly and Kate Hudson have stayed natural and are happy to flaunt their little mosquito bites! (I don't think any of them have had a boob job yet, if they have let me know, I'll be gutted!)

So ladies, next time your looking in the mirror, scrutinizing your face/body, remember that we were all made the way we are for a reason and we're all beautiful in our own ways, no matter what strange features we have! 
Now question time, do any of you guys have an imperfection that you love/hate?
Any other celebrities with imperfections that you love?
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