Monday, 21 November 2011

It's Review Time!

 I'm not one for doing reviews on beauty products because.. quite frankly I haven't got a clue about different skin types and beauty products. Lately though, I've been trying out lots of different products and thought I'd give it a go and tell you ladies how they went.

This here is a Fantasy Island Bath Blaster by Bomb cosmetics. My aunty works in a chemist and after telling her about my Lush addiction she decided to pick me up a few from work and bring them home to me as a little surprise.. (she lives with me at weekends.. long story but I love her) :) 
I'm not sure how much this costs in Euro but it's £2.29 and well worth it. It fizzes up instantly when thrown in the bath and there's chunks of real pineapple. Being as careless as I am I seemed to forget that I have a blog and didn't take pictures... so I robbed this one from Google... Only con is... as disgusting as this sounds... It turns the water yellow so I kind of felt like I was bathing in pee. I'm a strange person what can I say? lol
Check out the Bomb Cosmetics website here!

I was desperately seeking a new cleanser toner and moisturizer after the summer because after letting a friend experiment with my makeup I broke out in a crazy rash and dry skin on my forehead. I have naturally oily skin and don't suffer with acne (unless tom is visiting).. so the girl in the Body Shop tore me away from the tea tree oil products and recommended this.. Seaweed purifying cleanser and seaweed clarifying toner. They smell like the sea! I have to say they done a great job with the dry skin and it was gone within a few days.. but ever since they've done nothing for my skin. If anything I've been breaking out a lot more regularly than I used to so i don't think they suit my skin type at all, time to say goodbye... The moisturizer on the other hand is great! It's just a basic Vitamin E moisture cream (Like my Body butter) It's not heavily scented and it lasts quite long so I'll definitely be keeping it and I recommend it! Each product cost around the ten euro mark.

I've probably mentioned before that I have quite sallow skin which when I lose my tan almost looks yellow! lol.. I've always suffered with huge bags under my eyes due to the pigmentation of my skin and my crazy Insomniac phases. I picked this up in boots the other day. It's a Soap & Glory moisturizing eye gel with swift-lift technology. It hasn't worked miracles just yet but we're getting there, I'll let you ladies know how it goes further down the line... One thing I do love is that it's cool and refreshing and I look forward to applying it in the mornings!

I mentioned in a Lush Haul post last month that I'd picked up Grease Lighning. For those of you who don't know, it's a spot treatment containing tea tree oil and I must say it's been great! As I said before I rarely get spots but when I do they're usually under the skin and end up being big painful lumps. A few squirts of this baby and the spot comes right out in just days. I love it and will definitely be re-purchasing!

I've never been into taking care of my feet but when my mam brought this home for me I couldn't resist. It's a Boots foot cream with mint, lavender and marshmallow. Que the mean girls quote: 'you're face smells like peppermint!' lol. It's really nice, I just rub it on after every shower and my feet feel great! I also never realized how therapeutic it is to apply foot cream.. I'm there for ages some nights! lol

Yes it's yet another Body Shop product. I've been using this tea tree face mask for years! I started buying it when I was younger and loved how it was thick and green like the ones you see in movies.. It's known to cool your skin and lift away Impurities. I use it once a month and my skin feels great afterwards. It costs around 11 euro and the only con is that if left on for too long it dries like cement and is really hard to get off.. it's also messy, very messy! lol

That's pretty much it for my review.
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I haven't been playing the crazy pug lady lately and leaving you with crazy pictures of my dog so....

Ta Daaaaaaa!
Moo had a bath! lol


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