Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lush Haul...

So I had to go into town last Wednesday for a meeting in work even though I was dying of the flu and felt like absolute crap! (I felt it was too soon to ring work and call in sick so I just went in and dealt with it, did I mention it was a paid meeting?) My mam and dad were heading in for their day off so I tagged along and decided to have a look in Lush. My mam had promised me a treat, a kind of, congrats, you got a job, this will be the last thing I ever buy for you/ Awh I feel so sorry for you my sick little flu riddled child gift.
I had never been to Lush but reading everyone's blog posts I was absolutely dying to go and treat myself to loads of goodies, little did I know I'd end up buying half the shop! Thanks for warning me bitches! lol... 
So here's what I got...

The Gingerbread house bubble bar was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in as I'd read some great reviews on it! It costs E3.70. I absolutely love it, it's basically a pocket sized gingerbread house completed with sprinkles and a cinnamon chimney. You can get two baths out of it, the overly helpful sales assistant recommended I use the whole thing as I was, as I mentioned before, dying of the flu/cough/temperature. Unfortunately when it came to bath time I just couldn't bring myself to use it all in one go, so I only used half and it still did the job. I came out feeling warm, refreshed and ready for Christmas!

Unfortunately my candy mountain was more of a candy crumble by the time I got home. It costs E2.95 and smells of bubblegum, my favorite scent of all time! It also lasts 2 baths and turns the water pink.. I haven't gotten around to using it yet but seeing as tomorrow is my day off I might just treat myself! 

Grease Lightning was my next purchase. It costs E7.50 for a small 45g bottle. It's a spot treatment gel containing Tea tree oil and Aloe vera. I don't suffer badly with acne, I just get the random spot here and there, especially at that girly time of month... When I do get spots they always tend to be under my skin, so I have them for days and they get really big and annoying. A dab of this and one came right up, (Sorry for the gory details, my dermilogical vocabulary isn't great!) It's really effective and I'll definitely be buying another when this one runs out. One thing I love about lush is how certain products have a sticker with a picture of the creator! How cool! 

I got really carried away and even got myself a Big Shampoo. I have really greasy hair that I have to wash almost every day and for the last few years I've been desperately seeking a remedy. So being in Lush already I decided to ask a shop assistant for help and she brought me this! It's a salty seaweed shampoo that's known to give your hair loads of volume. It has the properties of an exfoliater so I felt really strange putting a clump of it in my hair, but it worked really well and left it shiny and full of volume! As much as I'd love to repurchase it when this one runs out, I really can't afford it. The girl in the shop told me it was 7 euro something, but when I went to pay it ended up costing E14.85! I didn't mind paying as a little treat, but I certainly won't be stocking up on this every week! Christmas is coming so who knows, it could just be the perfect stocking filler!

Just when I was about to leave.. I was at the till paying and this caught my eye! I'd read so much on Lush lip scrubs and was dying to try one out.. and fuck it I'd just spent fourteen quid on shampoo! I ended up buying myself the Bubblegum flavored lip scrub for E6.75. It's made of castor sugar so you apply it to your lips, then lick it off! It's really yummy but didn't do much for my lips.. It's great to use right before putting on lipstick but I'd still rather a nice old fashioned chap stick which probably costs half the price. 

Lastly I picked up a free Lush Times which is fifty six pages of Lush goodies and up and coming products.

All in all my first Lush Haul went fairly well, except for the fact that I spent forty quid... 
I am now officially a Lush Junkie.. and guess what? I've to walk by every day when I'm heading to work.
I can see myself being broke by the end of the month..

Do you guys have a favorite Lush product that you'd recommend? Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what do you think of them?

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