Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Pet Peeves...

I've noticed a lot of bloggers doing this lately and I thought I'd try it out myself seeing as I'm a major moan-bag and hate quite a lot of things! lol

Scarlett Johansson
I've never had any reason to hate her.. but I still did! She kind of reminds me of a Blowfish with her piggy nose and pouted lips.. and I just hate her in every film!
Now that her phone's been hacked, naked pictures that she'd taken of herself in the mirror have been revealed to the world and she is now a proven narcissist! Muhaha!

Mean Bus Drivers!
I rang the bell and you have failed to stop.. 
I rang the bell at the next stop and you once again failed to stop...
a man rang the bell at the next stop and you stopped.
I got off and had to walk for ten minutes.. kind of defeats the purpose of getting the bus doesn't it?

People that randomly come up to you in a nightclub smoking area or on the street while your enjoying a nice ciggy and say.. 'smoking is bad for you'... 
No fucking way? Is it? Why has nobody ever told me that before? I must have missed the large black print on the front of every packet that says SMOKING KILLS in English and Irish!
I'm not promoting smoking.. I know it's bad but it's something I've chosen to do, so just don't piss me off about it! Mmmmmmkay?

Bad Irish Accents in films
There are thousands of unemployed Irish actors out there struggling to pay rent, working multiple jobs and trying their best to get decent auditions, and for films like PS I love you (Don't even get me started on how much I hate the film having read the book).. when an Irish actor is required.. why lord why? did they have to choose Gerard Butler, who is Scottish and put us Irish to shame with his shitty accent which was completely hilarious and non existing in our country!

Competitive girls
By this I mean girls who are vain, arrogant and see everything as a competition!
for example... the kind of girl that whilst watching a super hot model on tv will declare aloud.. 'I look like her'  or 'I could be the next her..' No you couldn't your pathetic. I especially hate it when it comes to the male genre.. 'You have openly admitted to me that you like that guy so I'm going to go over there, flirt my ass off with him and try to get stuck in just to prove that I'm better than you!'
I know it sounds surreal but I actually know someone like this.. And it does my fricken head in!

People that hate confrontation
Ok I'm not saying you've to punch someone in the face when you have a problem with them, and the odd bitching session is allowed, but when it comes to my friends I like to tell them the minute I have a problem with something they've done/said.. that way we can talk about it, have a little apology session and move on! I hate when people compress their feelings and don't tell you things out straight, that just leads to built up tension, and one day it's all going to pour out and turn into a huge fight that could ruin your friendship! 
Cat fight! Tehe!...

Standing in dog pee..
I'm having a lazy hangover day today which means chilling in my jim jams and bare feet..
Unfortunately for me Moo's bladder is the size of a peanut.. so he is constantly having accidents all over the house.. and i've stood in it not once, but twice! Ewww..
Sometimes I could swear the little fecker does it on purpose.. I mean right in front of my spot on the couch.. and right beside the kitchen counter where the biscuits are kept! The two places I spend most of my time! lol
Then to top it all off he does the 'Sidewards pug glance' whilst your giving out to him to make you feel like a bad parent! Damn you Moo!

The X Factor Stylists..
whoever the fuck they are they need to be fired!
They take fresh faced, self styled contestants, chop, color and style their hair, do the most ridiculous things with their makeup and throw them out on stage in some of the most stupid outfits I have ever seen that don't suit the individuals style or figure...
This year there's a new style team, and I have seen some improvement compared to previous years.. but all in all they're still shockingly bad and my anger increases each Saturday... 

Wow, I feel great after that little rant! Muhahahahaha*smokers cough*hahahahah
Do any of you ladies agree or have some pet peeves of your own? 
I'd like to hear about them!

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