Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pugs not Drugs!!...

As most of you probably know I got a black Pug a few weeks ago and called him Moo..
Ever since I got him Pugs seem to be popping up everywhere..
and the crazy dog woman inside me wants everything pug!

My Moo sporting a purple jumper which I took from one of my teddy bears! lol
It's for photo's only.. I'm not one of those ladies who wheels my dog around in a buggy wearing little doggy clothes... or am I?

The first thing I came across was a Pugs not drugs T-shirt in Topshop. Me and my sister were in awe of it! I found it sandwiched somewhere in a sale rack and couldn't get it in my size but this one from e-bay is pretty similar... see it here!

To my surprise Vinny from Jersey shore was wearing one in an episode... Nothing better than a man that loves dogs! YUM!

Next I spotted them in the new Louis Vuitton Campaign that I blogged about.. see the post here!

Next I spotted this adorable pug purse in River Island!
How friggin hilarious is that?

Then whilst casually flicking through my Vogue a few days ago I came across these Graham and Green Book ends... The website says they're bulldogs but moo was sitting right beside me and the resemblance is uncanny! see in detail here!

The pug graces the pedigree ad for doggy dentures.. this had me cracked up laughing!

How hilarious is this? Artist Bobby Chiu captures the pug perfectly with the huge eyes, wrinkled face and tubby little body! I love it!

I don't know what you guys are thinking but Pugs are most definitely taking over the world! 
Hope these will convince you to join the Pult.. (Pug Cult... haha do ya get it??... God I'm too easily amused! Enjoy!)

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