Friday, 18 November 2011

Release your inner animal...

I realized yesterday when I spotted a snakeskin clutch, that animal print is truly one thing that will never go out of fashion. I've had animal print in my wardrobe for years and I can pull out a dress from a couple of years ago, wear it today and still feel trendy! I especially love animal print around the Christmas party season!
The one problem I have with it is that in the wrong hands it can look tacky. 
People that like to over accessorize should be careful, when there's a lot going on with a dress you don't need 300 bangles or long feathered earrings. 
I've done some major browsing today and there is literally a puddle of drool underneath me! The day my paycheck comes I'm hitting the town and doing some major shopping!
So here are some animal print clothes that I love...

Topshop.. I'd pair this classy yet sexy dress with some skyscraper, black pointed heels.

Also from Topshop.. this dress could easily look tacky with all of the silver sequins so I'd pair it with some black or silver heels and a nice pair of black tights would look great under it.

I'm in love with these gold metallic snakeskin jeans from River Island! I'd pair them with a flowy black top and some chunky ankle boots!

These babies are also from River Island.. I absolutely love them! They'd make even black jeans and a T-shirt look super funky!

This super hot Snakeskin, sequined dress from is also stunning! I love it with the nude platforms that the model is wearing!

For those of you brave enough to wear them, cheetah skin leggings are super hot.. these are also from, I'd probably be boring and play it super safe by wearing them with all black..

This sweet little snakeskin dress complete with collars is from Asos and I absolutely love it! I'd wear it with black tights and some black brogues.

Nail wraps are taking over the world I tell you! lol, These funky animal print ones are from Asos..

Pauls boutique is known for his brave use of animal print on his bags and purses. They're available in BT2 and if you don't live in Ireland you'll find this one on Asos!

Last but definitely not least, this stunning maxi dress is from Asos.. It would have been ideal for the summer but you can still make it wintery by adding a long knitted cardigan and some ankle boots and even wearing tights under it! Love it love it love it!!

What do you ladies think of animal print?
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now that we're on the topic of animals I came across this Fake Blood remix of Mike Snow's song 'Animal' before the summer.. it's such a good tune, I actually like it better than the original!


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