Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rosso Solini take two...

As most of you know I done a post back in October about Rossi Solini, the genius invention by teenager Tara Haughton.. Check it out here! Unexpectedly I received a comment from the lovely Tara who came across my blog and offered to send me some free samples! Nothing better than getting home from work to find a neat little package waiting for me! I'm so grateful! So I tried out the beautiful designer soles and I though I'd let you guys know how it went!

There was a lovely note from Tara herself..

The soles were in this beautiful Tiffaney blue box.. It's definitely getting recycled and being used as a gift box for someones Christmas present this year!
How exciting.... Inside was a beginners kit including three different colored soles, a wipe for cleaning the soles of your chosen shoes and a safety knife and of course fitting instructions.
I also received a makeover kit with 1 pair of naivy soles and another with the classic red soles and a safety knife. How generous! I opened the beginner kit with three pairs first!
I got the classic red color, a purple color and a purple polka dot color.
I decided to try out the red first but due to four cups of coffee and shaky hands I messed them up.
So I opted for the purple pair instead..
The shoes I chose to make-over are these nude colored peep toes which I bought in New Look before the summer and get great wear out of! I thought they could use an extra bit of va va voom!
It's so simple to do, you just peel off the colored sticker.. pop in on the sole and trim the excess with the safety knife.
As i always say, excuse the bad photography, My camera broke on a drunken night in the summer so I'm left using my mams crappy one!

After quite a struggle I managed to get them looking as professional as I could and they looked really great!
If I can do this with my natural un-steadiness and always shaky hands due to my caffeine addiction.. I'm sure you ladies could do them even better! I think this is an absolutely amazing idea and turned out really well!
Delighted :)

I'm thinking of adding the makeover kit with red soles as part of my Christmas giveaway.. what do you girlies think? 
Thanks again to the lovely Tara Haughton for being so lovely and Generous.. 
don't forget to check out the Rosso Solini website here..
and the official facebook page here!
Oh and don't forget to check out the brand new  facebook page for Be Broke, Be Stylish, Be Slightly Boho here!

Thanks for reading! :)

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