Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Snowflakes that stick to my nose and eyelashes...

I'd like to start by saying that I didn't waste my tears watching Kim Kardashian's wedding, because somewhere in the back of my evil mind, I knew it wouldn't last all that long...
Anyways... Thanks to my weak Immune System I get the flu at least four times a year. Last year I was prepared and got a flu jab before the cold month of October... this year I didn't bother and now, sitting here, drowning in a pool of my cold sweat (Gruesome, I know) I am regretting that decision. When I get the flu I get it bad.. I mean runny nose, headaches, temperature, the shakes, cough.. the whole sha-bang! I've literally been stuck in my bed the last few days.. 
So I thought I'd take Julie Andrews advice and list some of my favorite things.. Like in the sound of music.. To cheer myself up a little..

Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Chocolate Ice-cream, marshmallow, Caramel, Fish shaped chocolate chips.. What more could a girl want?
Ben & Jerry have certainly found a way into every girls Knickers with this invention!

Some of my best childhood memories are those of when my family, along with my best friends families, used to take ski holidays in Italy every winter. I had finally found a sport that I was good at, and then the recession came along and ruined everything! I've promised myself that when I'm older and richer, I'm going to make it my business to take a ski holiday every single winter!

Pathetic as it may sound I sleep with a stitch teddy! I just love the little fellar, a cute alien that was created to destroy everything in it's path.. My new puppy is just like him! I always find myself putting on my best Stitch impersonation in the most awkward of situations.. 

Brad Pitt in Troy
Acting skills my arse, I didn't pay any attention to his accent in Troy, I was too busy drooling over his hot body and praying for another graphic sex scene!...

Captain Morgan
It never fails to get me happy drunk, when I used to drink Vodka there were nights that I'd get messy drunk and end up crying in a friends arms, or puking all over the kitchen floor, or puking all over my poor mother who would then have to shower me and put me to bed.. Morgan makes me Happy, Hyper and Hilarious!

Camomille Tea
Being quite the Insomniac, Camomille tea has become my latest obsession! A cup before bed puts me right to sleep, It also gets rid of Lady cramps during that dreadful time of month...

I just love them! Especially on men.. Any guy with his ears stretched or any kind of facial piercing can have me!

Chocolate Macaroons
I watched Blair Waldorf stuffing them down her gob in Gossip Girl for years and never once did they appeal to me.. Until the day my sister brought me home a chocolate one and I fell in love! Why do they have to be so expensive though? It's a friggin biscuit! 

So now that I've shared mine, I wanna know some of your favorite things! 
Leave a comment :)


  1. Stitch is my absolute faveee too :) I have a tonne of 'Christmas stitches' from the Disney shop and I sit them under the Christmas tree every year.. And I add a new one to my collection every year :) .. And I also have a stitch teddy on my bed.. Love him :) x

  2. Aww no I hope you feel better soon!! Haha love your favourite things, Ben and Jerry's is amazing!! And you are not weird, I still sleep with my childhood toy!! Take care honey, XxxX

  3. I love him!
    I work in disney and I get to look at his cute face every day! I love it!
    I don't think I know one girl who doesn't like ben and Jerrys! Its so yummy! x


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