Thursday, 10 November 2011

Versace for H&M...

When the fabulous Jimmy Choo paired up with H&M and made a small collection at kind of reasonable prices I missed out big time. I didn't realize that people would be queing out the door just to purchase some of the beautiful designer pieces and by the time I got to the shop it was completely sold out! This year, Now that I know Versace has designed a collection, I'm planning on being the first in line! (If I'm not in work that day) That's right ladies, on the 17th of November H&M will be opening it's doors and allowing us in to a touch of couture fashion at a fraction of the price as Versace acts as it's guest designer! 
So just to get us all a little hyped up I've decided to give you a sneak peak at some of my favorite pieces! Jusr click the prices to be redirected to the H&M website and see the products in detail. 
Let's hope I get paid before then or there'll be no stunning dresses for me :(

Ok so this is most of the collection.. I'm in love with it all!
I love the bright, bold colors of the dresses and leggings and the edgy studded finish on the jackets..
I also love how Versace went all out and even put their signature pattern on some of the pieces which is unusual for a guest designer... When Jimmy Choo made some pieces they only had the name on the inside of most of the clothes.. but these SHOUT high fashion at every walker by! I especially love the yellow dress, the  pink dress which is third down and the gold dress.
Are you guys planning on splurging all your savings on any Versace for H&M pieces?
Which one is your favorite?
I've had a stressful weak and am so glad to have a few days off.. 
plenty of time to blog :)

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