Saturday, 31 December 2011

After all there's only one more year until Christmas...

I wasn't originally planning on doing a post on my Christmas presents..
but now that I've had a nose through everyone else's I've been awfully tempted...
This has been the best Christmas and the fact that my sister wasn't here (She was partying it up on Bondi Beach Australia) was made up for by the fact that my friends and family absolutely spoiled me!
So the post I done called The Ultimate Guide To Pretending You Like A Bad Present wasn't put to use even once! Lucky me! 
So expect some serious bragging ladies...

Mmmm one of the delivery men that works for my dad brought a big box of Lily O'Brien's chocolates... I can safely say I'm on my way to becoming Shamoo...

Jelly beans yumma.. For some reason the good ones seem to be ridiculously expensive so it was great to see these babies in my stocking!

Ohhh yeh! I blogged about mosquito nets in my Bedroom Delights post a while back. My mam had a nose on my blog and decided to pick me up this one in Ikea.. I sleep with it completely closed and can't help feeling like the evil stepmother in Cinderella... muhahaha..

So this year thanks to all of the beauty blogs I follow I've become a Lush Junkie.. and I never shut up about how much I love the stuff, so surprise surprise I got loads of lush goodies from friends and family. Looks like I'm having a bath every day for the next year.. These are Stardust, 12 days of christmas and gingerbread house sets. Expect a lot of reviews in 2012!

Art books, seeing as I'm an art freak and not in college anymore I need to keep my skills up to scratch, the first one is 'Figure poses for fashion Illustration' by Sha Tahmasebi and the second is 'The Human Form' by Giovanni Civardi. I haven't used them yet but I'll review them soon.

A cupcake making set.. Because my mam knows me too well and has seen many failed attempts at baking in the past.

Every time I'm in town with my parents I go to a gallery and stare at this painting! So my amazing folks decided to buy it for me! It was a complete surprise to me and I was so so happy! My first piece of art! Wow! I'll be doing a post about the artist soon!

I never thought I'd see the day when I get excited about an apron.. but I did! Love it!

Bear mittens from my cousin and best friend. I had a similar pair in black but they snuck into the washing machine and got all bally.. so I'll get great use out of these!

Gosh eyeshadow Palette from my aunty.. Haven't used it yet but I can't wait to try it out!

Me and my cousin decided to buy something small for a tenner for each other, but she decided to go a little over the budget and get me this Pauls Boutique studded purse... How mortified was I handing her a pooey little soap set? 

The Body shop Candied Ginger Body butter and shower scrub! I'd just run out of my last tub so I was delighted when my mam got me these! I've only used the butter and it's great! Pretty much smells like Christmas!

Coco Chanel and Lilo &Stitch on dvd. I watched the Chanel one today and it was brilliant! I've seen Lilo & Stitch a million times as it's one of my favourite film so it's great to have it for myself on DVD!

I hope you were all spoiled too! What was your favourite present this year?
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