Sunday, 11 December 2011

The artwork of Jason Limon...

Well it's Sunday.
I can't really say I've done anything productive with my weekend except a great night out with college friends.
I have to admit I'm not as cut out for the working world as I thought I'd be... 
I find myself doing nothing but catching up on sleep most weekends. 
And for those of you who've followed me from the start, you may notice that I've been blogging less often than every day like I used to. For that I apologize.. I'll still keep posting every second day at least.
Anyways let's get to the point here...
Jason Limon is another amazing artist I've come across. 

Limon Lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife and two daughters. In 2007 he transitioned from a graphic designer into an artist. Since then he's won many awards for his paintings and illustrations and his work is well known throughout the US and in parts of Europe.

His work reminds me of the art of Salvatore Dali (who I posted about last month) in the sense that it's magical, fantastic and slightly warped.. which is something that seems to draw me to artists lately.
Their use of color also resembles. So I'll shut up now and not make this into a boring art history lecture like the ones back in school by my monotone voiced teacher.. and I'll leave you with some pictures of his beautiful art...

Beautiful yet frightening creatures.. It's breathtaking.. (to me!) 
My favorite painting is the first one.. I'm just drawn to that... white.. fluffy.. thing?
What do you ladies think of his work?
Which piece is your favorite?


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