Monday, 26 December 2011

The Artwork of Pio Valentino

I'm all for spreading the news about incredible new artists, especially Irish ones and especially when it's my talented cousin! 
Unlike me, a person born with no major talents or skills, my cousin was born with loads!
Not only is he a lovely person but he can also sing like Bocelli and he's amazing at art!
So I've gotten him to mail me all of his sketches so that I can show them off to you guys...
All of the other art heads out there will surely appreciate this too!
His work is beautiful portraying perfectly the full, womanly, super-heroine like  figure with a touch of eroticism
he also goes into great detail, from the strands of their hair to their eyelashes to the detailed embellishments on  their garments..
and these are just quick sketches he does in his spare time when he's bored...
So have a look...

How amazing would he be as a fashion designer? I'm always trying to convince him to do a course!
My favorite is the third one down I just think it's beautiful and passion filled!
What do you ladies think of his work?

By the way he's a strapping young fellar of 22 years and happens to be single so If you're up for a hot date be super nice to me and I'll get you in there!
lol that's a joke... I am not pimping my cousin out! I swear!

He's also in a band who are absolutely brilliant, their influences are the Overtones and Bruno Mars and although I'm quite the 'Chart Music snob' myself I have to say that each one of them are amazingly talented and together they make a pretty epic band... they're called On The Edge.. here's a sneaky video of them just to show you ladies what they're like...

If you like them you can see their facebook page here!
Make sure to like it and subscribe to them on Youtube...
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a happy new year!
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