Thursday, 29 December 2011

Issue of the month: Bullying...

It's something that really get's on my friggin nerves..
mainly because most of us have or will experience it weather it be in school/college, online, in the workplace or even at home! 
I'll got most of my facts that I got from

160 000 children miss school every day in fear of being bullied.
Bullying is actually effecting peoples grades, causing them to skip school and even drop out in some cases! Imagine being so terrified you can't even go to school? A place that's meant to feel safe for everyone can be transformed into a war zone for victims of bullying.

Bullies are usually people with extremely low self esteem who may have experienced abuse in the past. They are people that feel the need to put others down to bring themselves up.
You can be bullied about anything, from the colour of your hair to having good grades, for being overweight or underweight, for your sexual orientation and even for your race. 
Surveys have shown that the most common race to be victims of bullying are African/Black people.
This fact comes as no surprise to me as since the recession more people have been bitter and racist and nowadays it seems like you can't even get into a Taxi without hearing a rant about foreign people.

1 in 7 students are bullied.
This statistic is actually scary. That means that an average of four people in my class back in school were probably suffering in silence. Most bully victims prefer to keep it a secret and are unaware how much it would benefit them and their classmates to tell someone weather it be a teacher, parent or even a friend to confide in. It won't stop if people don't know about it.

In the last few years bullying has become popular online through social networking sites.
The worst method I've seen is 'trolls' 
People who use fake names and sabotage groups and pages with abusive words.
I happened to stumble upon a horrible case of this a few months ago when a teenage girl died and a page made for her rememberance was high-jacked by trolls writing horrible things, editing nasty words and gestures into her pictures and abusing her family members. Sick. Even those who have passed away can be bullied and hopefully the trolls are caught and face serious consequences for the pain they have caused to the girls family and friends.
I've also seen situations where social networking sites were disallowed from schools and students due to serious cases of bullying.

Bullying can be both Verbal and Physical.
The abuse leads to bullying victims having extremely low self esteem, living in fear and in most cases can effect them physically and phsycologically in the long run. 

75% of school shootings have been for revenge on bullies.
A particular case that still haunts us all is the Columbine High School Massacre. On April 20th 1999 two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, that were said to have never fitted in to any of the 'cliques' in their high school and were picked on by athletes and 'popular kids', walked the hallways of their school armed with guns, knives and bombs killing twelve students, one teacher and themselves.
The boys were normal students from strong families and the depression they felt from being bullied made them murderers.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Also, 30% of all child suicides occur due to bullying.
A disturbing amount of children that have had so much abuse inflicted on them, that are isolated, depressed and have nobody to turn to, so they choose to end their lives.
On January 14th a sixteen year old Irish girl, Phoebe Prince, that had moved to Massachusetts ended her life after months of being bullied and abused in school. This brought international attention to the problem of Bullying in the US and in schools all over the world. After a trial in 2011 six teens were prosecuted for charges such as statuary rape and civil rights violations.

Phoebe Prince

This needs to stop.
No number of anti-bullying seminars and posters can stop a bully. People need to talk. If you are being bullied, or suspect a classmate/colleague/friend are suffering from abuse talk to them. They most likely need a friend to confide in during this hard time, take it from me, I've been there before. If you're still in school, or have a job, report bullying to a teacher, parent, supervisor or even the police if things are really serious! The best way to prevent bullying is by spreading awareness. 
Nobody should have to live in fear.

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