Saturday, 17 December 2011

Night time sympathize, I've been working on white lies..

I know my heading is really random.. It's a line from the song Night time by The XX..
This post is all about sleep.
I don't know about you ladies but I'm quite the Insomniac. I compare myself to Owls as I seem to be nocturnal.. sleep all day and party all night wheeey!
Now that I have a job and can't sleep all day I'm right back to the way I was back in my school days.. I'll wake up early, be exhausted and dying for my bed all day.. but once my head hits the pillow I'm wide awake, tossing and turning and worrying about work, my future, pretty much everything, all night long!
So I've been trying out a few old tricks, and I've found some that I'm yet to try...

Ickle Baby Bot by Lush
Ickle Baby Bot is a bath bomb by Lush which is actually meant for sending your baby off to the land of nod after bath time. That explains the cute robot shape and light playful color! Well if it works on babies it should work on me! It contains 'sleep inducing oils' and is 'Mild, gentle and soothing on skin.' So one morning on my way to work I popped into lush and picked myself up one of these guys! I have a really big bath so I always throw whole bubble bars in. In plopped my ickle baby bot and boy were they right about the 'soothing' part. I didn't sleep right away but I was so relaxed and at ease by the time I got into bed and I didn't have a worry on my mind! Great product!

Avon Lavender Pillow Mist
I worked as an Avon Rep for a little while last year while I was in college, It didn't last very long as I kept spending the little money I was making on products.. so I stopped doing it. A product that really caught my eye was Sleep therapy Lavender Pillow mist. Now I've heard Lavender is great for helping sleep, and I once bought a tiny bottle of lavender oil and drenched my pillow in it.. unfortunately it had the opposite effect than it was supposed to and I ended up not being able to sleep because of the strong smell. This pillow mist isn't as strong as the pure oil, a few sprays of it and you'll be relaxed and out like a light in no time!

I already mentioned Camomile tea in a post back in November about my favorite things..
Its become my newest obsession! A cup before bed really relaxes me... It used to help me sleep but I think I've grown immune to it now.. I still enjoy a cup every night and it's great for when TOM comes around.. If you know what i mean!

Bedtime Playlist
Having a playlist on your ipod dedicated to bedtime. I do and I truly believe that everyone should! Relaxing music like Glen Hansard, Bon Iver and Lykke Li are great for putting you to sleep. I done a post about songs I listen to in bed back in September, you can check it out here!

Hot Socks..
A big part of going to sleep is being warm.. and unfortunately for me during these cold winter months my room transforms into a life sized freezer! I find that once my feet are warm I can sleep just fine.. the question is how do I warm them up? I came across these babies today! They're Aroma Home Hot Sox Feet Warmers... They're basically microwavable slippers that contain three oils to help you sleep. I need to get me some of these!

Natural Pills
I was moaning about my lack of sleep to a colleague of mine the other day and she suggested these Holland & Barrett sleeping pills. Now they're not Valium and I'm not promoting narcotics, they're all natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colors or added sugar. She swears by them so next time I'm in town I'm going to pick up a pack and I'll let you ladies know how it goes. See Here

Eye Masks
I used to have one and it helped me sleep so much... but I lost it beneath the rubble in my clutter filled bedroom! There's a Christmas present hint for any of my family that are reading this... anyone?

Well that's all folks.. I hope you enjoyed this post and for all of my Owl friends out there... I hope it helps with the Insomnia Issues!

Night night!

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