Sunday, 4 December 2011

Princess Inspired Party Looks...

So I work in the Disney store... and some days my duties lye in the Princess room where I spend my minutes admiring this ten doll Princess set...
It's available at So on the rare occasion that we're not busy I like to stand there and look at it, Imagine how amazing Christmas would have been if this appeared under the tree, and sometimes I try to modernize each princess's outfit, and make them wearable for women today!
Well I was off today so guess what I spent the day doing?
It's December aka Party Season! We've got work Christmas parties, Christmas, Stevens day, new years eve.. so many occasions to shop for! So I thought I'd find some great party looks inspired by the Disney princesses themselves!...
No better place than ASOS to find them...

Snow White
The blue top would actually look really great with this yellow pencil skirt, and if you're really brave you could add these red platforms...

This stunning blue dress reminds me of a modern day Cinderella.. I couldn't find any glass slippers on ASOS (Believe me I tried!) but these stunning sparkling platforms do the job!

Sleeping Beauty
I'm loving this pink, heart cut out blouse and it would look very Aurora with this sequined pencil skirt.. for the ladies that love to look pretty in pink!

The Little Mermaid
How perfect is this sequined pencil skirt in turquoise for Ariel! unfortunately sea shell bra's are hard to find these days but this white halter neck top would look great with it!

This yellow embellished dress is so Belle! I love it!

This white cropped top would look great with these super funky Turquoise Chino's, paired with some chunky shoes and some great accessories this simple outfit could look great on a night out!


These cute little tan shorts paired with this cream blouse and these chunky brown platforms would be perfect for a modern day Pocahontas look!

For some strange reason this pink lace sleeved dress screams Mulan at me, It's probably the color...

A new face to the Disney princess world.. and her dress was really difficult to try and modernize seeing as the sparkling green color was difficult to find, but I settled for this lime green dress with cut out sides...

The Tangled star is so popular, her merchandise has been flying off the shelves and she was recently crowned the newest Disney Princess (In October).. This sexy purple dress seems perfect!

Stitch is my favorite Disney Character but out of the princesses I have to admit that Ariel is my favorite!
Who is your favorite Disney Character? 

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