Friday, 23 December 2011

The pursuit of Tux-iness...

I live in Blazers as I find they have the ability to make any outfit look super smart, weather I'm heading out clubbing in a skimpy dress or going shopping in jeans and Uggs I always throw on a plain black blazer.
So it probably comes as no surprise that I've always loved the look of women in Tuxedo's..
It's a sexy, modest and elegant look not to mention super classy.
The problem is a lot of people are too shy or just don't know how to go about putting one together. 
So I've had a browse on the web and in some of my favorite shops and put together six tuxedo-esque outfits to give you ladies some idea's. 


Pulling off the classic black and white tuxedo look is really easy! This white shirt from River Island already has a brooch detail on the collar which makes it perfect! 
I'd pair it with these black high waist jeans from as I love anything high waisted.. especially for ladies with a little bit of weight around the tummy area as they help to hide it. 
A simple black blazer like this one from ASOS is perfect, you can find one anywhere and they really do smarten up any outfit! To top it off I'd add some super cool closed shoes, I absolutely love the chunky heel look so I've chosen these babies from Office.


If you want to change it up a bit and add a little more brightness you could switch and do the whole white blazer, black shirt thing instead. 
This is the outfit I wanted for Christmas, unfortunately some of the stuff was sold out but I ended up putting together something similar in the end. The Black see-through shirt is from Topshop.. It's great because you can wear anything under it and it goes with everything in my wardrobe! Everyone should have a shirt like this. Instead of going for plain black leggings I opted for a bit of texture, these leggings from Topshop are still quite plain but they have a leather stripe down each side of the leg to add a little edge. 
I've been in love with this white blazer for weeks now and I planned this whole outfit around it. I just think it's a great change from my black one. it's from River Island, unfortunately it was sold out today so I picked up a plain white one from Topshop instead.
 I got this white, lace detailed Bow Tie on Asos, I always like to have a cute accessory to pull the outfit together and this was ideal to complete the tux look! 
Recognize the shoes? They're the Jeffrey Campbell boots available in Office. I spotted them on the website and asked my mam to pick them up for me today.. unfortunately they're sold out in my local Office and according to the sales woman 'Everyone is going mad for them!' I guess I'll just have to wait until after Christmas when I've been paid and then go on a huge internet hunt for them!


This ones for the Brave... Tweed! 
You gotta love it! 
Nothing better than some old man chic in your wardrobe! 
I once again based the outfit around the Blazer. This brown tweed one is from Asos and I absolutely love it.. Only con is it's a little bit on the expensive side but heck if I had the money I'd own it right now! 
I'd pair it with this cream colored blouse from River Island. The ruffles around the collar would look great under the Blazer and no Bow ties or accessories would be needed.
 Then of course the Chino's.. I absolutely love them but don't think they'll be around for long so I really need to get my hands on some pronto! These brown ones are from River Island.. The color is a little off and I would have preferred it a tad bit lighter to go with the outfit. 
Lastly I'd pop on these burgundy colored stiletto's from Office, just for a bit of pop. I absolutely love dark red, wine and burgundy colors with brown, I think they work really well together especially for that wintery look around the Christmas party season!


If your more into the casual look you can still add a hint of tuxiness.. 
These red and white Aztec leggings from River Island would look super funky for this look! 
Replace the Blazer with a comfy, wooly jumper like this red one from to give it a more cozy feel, add a plain white or cream sleeveless shirt like this one from Topshop and finish the looks off with a pair of black, flat boots like these adorable ones from River Island.. 
I dono about you ladies but I love this outfit! You could also add a bow tie, I couldn't find the right colored one online so I just left it out.


I've blogged a few times now about how much I love animal print, especially snakeskin because it seems to be a timeless trend.
 I was Immediately drawn to this snakeskin Blazer on
I'd pair it with a plain cream blouse like the one above from Topshop, some plain black leggings or skinny jeans, (Which we all already have in our wardrobes, and if not we can find them anywhere!) and these skyscraper, pointed nude shoes from Korky's.. 
I've probably mentioned these shoes before, i have them, they were only fourty quid and they've rapidly become my favorite shoes as they're super high, so I feel like a giant/well fed model when I wear them, and they go with pretty much everything!


I'm also a fan of this Blazer as it reminds me of a ring-master. 
It's also red so it's quite appropriate for Christmas. I found it on Asos.. 
I'd pair it with a black blouse such as this one from Topshop, I like the fact that your boob area is covered so you can get away with wearing nothing under it.. raarrrr! lol 
Again with the high waist, I thought I'd change it up and opt for shorts instead of jeans or leggings.
 I desperately searched the internet for a pair of red creepers to go with this outfit.. although I love them I still don't have the guts to wear them so I chose these black, lace up stiletto's from Office instead. I'd pop on some black nylon tights with this, you could even get away with Suspender tights because the outfit is nice and simple. 

I hope you ladies like this post and find it useful. I'll keep you updated and put up pics of my Christmas outfit after the holidays. Once again I've to apologize for not blogging daily which I usually do. As if Christmas isn't busy enough I've been working long hours every day and now I have the flu right on time for Santa's visit :(...
and get this.. I'm in work tomorrow (Christmas Eve) AND Boxing day! Wahhhh :(

I'd like to say a big thank you to my mam, who went into town to get my Christmas clothes for me today.. I was off work but dying of the flu so I printed out pictures of everything I wanted and sent her on her way, and she got it more than right! She's a true legend! Love you mammy <3

I'd also like to remind you that my 100 follower giveaway is still running, I'm on 89 now, we just need eleven more followers before I can choose a winner! Click here to see it and enter.

Lastly, If I don't get to post beforehand.. Happy Christmas my lovely ladies! I hope you all have an amazing time, Get spoiled and eat your body weight in great Christmas food!
Have a good one :D


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