Thursday, 22 December 2011

So long 2011.. Farewell!

Well ladies that time of year is coming...
The new year!
My new years resolution is to save a load of money for college and cut down on the auld smoking..
I thought I'd use this post to take a look back on the year I've had and point out all of the highlights and it's something you ladies should do too!
This is going to be photo heavy and full of pictures of me and my friends which you probably don't really give a shit about...just a little warning! lol.

Got a car!
My parents surprised me last Christmas with a car! I know I'm spoilt rotten! but hey I wouldn't turn down a car! I'd been driving for a few months and having my own car really upped my confidence and made me a better driver. I named him Paco because I have a terrible... you could call it a fetish... for naming every object I own. I'm just grateful I haven't killed myself as.. let's just say I'm not the best driver in the world...

The annual Make A Wish Ball
Our community organise a charity ball every year. It's great because it's like having an annual prom! We get to dress up in evening wear and have a fancy night of wining, dining, then getting overly drunk and hitting a nightclub in evening gowns... classy I know! Every year it's been brilliant as it's a night spent with family and all of my fellow half Italian friends!

In May I graduated from a year course in Art and Design Portfolio Preparation. The course was probably the best thing I've ever done as it really helped me decide what to do with my future, It also improved my art skills and I made some of the best friends ever who I'm still really close to! If any of you are feeling unsure of what to do when finished school I definitely recommend a course like this!

My 18th!
I didn't have a party just had a night with the family which ended in a surprise champagne shower in my back garden... and I had a messy night out with my friends which involved a sexy fireman stripper grinding his abnormally large crotch on my face! Could I have asked for anything more? lol

Bon Jovi.. Ohh yehh!
Another highlight of my year was going to see Jon Bon Jovi in concert with all my girlies.
We started with a barbecue and a few drinks, then headed to the RDS. Even with a brace on his leg Bon Jovi was EPIC! He had us singing, screaming and even crying when he sang 'Bed of Roses'
It was a brilliant day!

Italia Summer 2011!
myself and a lot of my friends and cousins are all reunited each summer when we return to our village of origin in Italy and party it up! It's so great being back together and getting to see each other every single day and night of the summer! I stayed in Italy for seven weeks this summer and desperately didn't want to come home. We chilled in the sun all day and partied hard all night.. but no.. we are not guidos! lol

Dublin won the GAA!
I'm not big into sports but when Dublin took the cup home for the first time in years my dad decided to get absolutely hammered and party with me and my sister. My dad is rarely ever drunk so it was by far one of the most hilarious night's of my life! The man who never curses spent the night swearing, dancing and running around like a mad yoke! I love my dad!

Moo joined the family! Only months after my Gi Gi died we decided to get another dog because the house felt so strange without one! Moo, my black pug has been the craziest dog I've had to date but has also brought a lot of happiness!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers!
I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in October and they also were EPIC to the point where I was almost in tears when the concert ended! Luckily for me I'm going to see them again in July! Muhahaha! Can't wait!

Well those are the highlights of my year and I'm completely prepared for many more great times in 2012. 
How was 2011 for you?


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