Monday, 30 January 2012

Mickalene Thomas: The Glamour that is Femininity...

I've gone and done it again... I found another amazing artist!
I've noticed a trend in my artist posts, I've only really been writing about paintings, so I thought I'd change things up a little with an artist that has a mix of mediums including photography, porcelain figures and some stunning mix-media 
So first, A little about her...
Isn't she beautiful?

Mickalene Thomas is a New York based artist whose work is said to represent femininity, power and lots of glamour with her rhinestone embellished, glittering art work! Her website states that:
'Thomas introduces a complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of  beauty.'
Her work radiates sexuality and her paintings of African American women; 'explore notions of black female celebrity and identity.'

I don't want to get all art teacher boring here as I'm dying to show you her work so for more check out her website here!
Now prepare to be dazzled!!..

Are you as amazed as I am?
Her work is just so inspiring!
What do you ladies think?
Are you, like me, planning on purchasing every single piece the day you win the lottery?


Saturday, 28 January 2012

How Much Is That Virginity In The Window?...

I don't know about you ladies but I've been raised to believe that your Virginity is a very valuable thing..
22 year old Natalie Dylan took that phrase a little too seriously and has decided to sell hers.

Natalie is actually really pretty!

As we all know Prostitution is illegal.. but Natalie done her homework and got in contact with 'Mr Hoff' at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where prostitution is in fact legal.
Natalie claims that she is doing this to earn money to get herself and her sister through college...
There are thousands of students, Including myself, that can't afford the college they want to attend,
I've taken this year out to work and raise the money.. while Natalie is choosing to earn the money by spending one night with a man. As bad as this sounds, there's a part of me shouting Fair play Natalie!
Others disagree..
In the centre is Hoff who is helping her to sell her virginity through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

I came across this case on a popular radio show that I listen to and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I heard how much this girl is capable of earning.
Auctioning off her virginity, she has had bids up to 4.7 million dollars!
Natalie openly admits that this is prostitution but claims that she has been in contact with some of the millionaires that have placed bids, she is getting to know them and won't be choosing the highest bidder, but the person she feels she connects with most.
Each bidder is being checked for criminal records and STD's, Natalie has also sat through lie detector tests to assure that she is a Virgin.
Now if any of you haven't seen her on tv, or heard her speak on the radio, you probably think this girl is some  stupid bimbo that hasn't a clue.. but when I watched her on the Tyra Banks show I couldn't help noticing how well educated and informed she is. She's quite a good speaker and is well able to stand her ground and defend herself against the negative comments she has been receiving.

Natalie came face to face with one of her bidders on The Tyra Banks show, and oh what a hunk he was!

One question that came to my mind was where did she get this crazy idea from? Why not just go and hand in your CV to burger king for college money? Why sell your Virginity?
She explains on Tyra Banks that herself and her sister were researching for their college thesis and were intrigued to study the broad spectrum of the nature between Virginity and Prostitution. That's where she found the case of a woman who sold her virginity for a large sum of money. In an interview she said:

'If Virginity is considered that valuable, what's to stop me from benefitting from that? It is mine after all!'  

She also stated that she has turned her virginity into something that allows her to gain power and opportunity from men.
Natalie and her sister both agree that this is feminism at it's best.. to be honest I think it's opposite, she is using her body as an object and calling it 'empowerment.' A woman on the Tyra Banks show made a comment that it's actually offensive to call this feminism.. and I agree.
Losing your virginity can be an awkward, embarrassing thing if it's not with someone you love and trust, how can she go into a dirty brothel with, most likely, an old pervy man, and do it?

I'm truly on two mind's about this. Although I know for sure that I completely disagree that this is any form of feminism.
Half of me says what the heck are you doing? It's a special thing, how could you lose it through prostitution with a filthy old perve...
While the other half of me is thinking.. Fair play! You just have to spend one night with this dude and you're sorted for life! It's your body, do with it what you please!
That's why I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

One thing that does worry me is the publicity she's getting from this.. Teenagers all around the world are hearing about this and those who are truly broke are probably considering selling their own V cards!
Back in 2010 a sixteen year old Northern Irish girl posted an ad on Gumtree to sell hers in order to pay for art classes and University...
Is it really such a good idea to publicise a role model such as Natalie Dylan?

Don't be shy, drop a comment and let me know your opinion on this.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beauty treatment or Torture?...

I've probably mentioned a gazillion times on this (because I'm super duper excited!) that me and some of my girlfriends are heading to a Spa at the end of this month for some serious pampering..
We're paying a really good price for an over night stay with breakfast and one beauty treatment included, I've chosen a massage since I've never had one in my life. We also plan on using the mud baths which fit four people and should be absolutely hilarious, relaxing and full of the banter! I want one more treatment but couldn't quite decide which one, and having never been to a spa I opted to Google some good treatments.. that's where things got a little crazy! I sat on the computer for hours reading about these strange, some disgusting and almost torturous beauty treatments and decided I'd fill you ladies in on some of the extremes that people go to just to be beautiful! Warning: This is not for the feint hearted...

Munch my toes little fishies!
I decided to go with this one first as I've had it done myself. Some time last year I couldn't help but notice these little salons popping up all over town with fish tanks for your feet. 'Garra Rufa' are little fishies with no teeth that nibble away at the dead skin on your feet. One day myself, my mam, my dad and my sister were walking by and decided to be brave and try it out family pan! I, being ashamed of my tubby toe and awfully ugly feet, was mortified and couldn't have gotten my feet in the tank any quicker so the slightly hot guy working there wouldn't catch a glimpe... and my was it hilarious! My mam has had it done a few times and told us that it's quite 'therapeutic'. I on the other hand found it quite the opposite... I laughed for about five minutes straight at the ticklish sensation and my fathers hilarious facial expression as the little monsters attacked his claws, I mean feet.. My sister spent the whole time freaking out and shouting IT HURTS!.. It didn't hurt she's just a little dramatic... All in all it was a fun experience but not something I'd do regularly as a beauty treatment... My feet were awfully soft for weeks after! These tanks also come in full body size for those of us who don't suffer from the tickles. 

What seems like an episode of Fear Factor to some (Including me) is seen as a popular, relaxing spa treatment to others! It started with a woman called Ada Barak who runs a spa in Isreal. She came up with a beauty treatment/ massage which involves six snakes, non venomous of course, being placed on your body and allowed to ssslither around... charging seventy quid a pop. I remember reading about this lady years ago when she made headlines for her crazy spa idea. I don't know about you ladies but I couldn't be any less relaxed knowing that there are six living, moving, biting, serpants sliming around back there... 

Gold dahling Gold!
Lets be honest.. If I won the lottery tomorrow and had 30 million euro to spend stupidly, I'd be one of the many women that attend high class salons and get 24 Carat gold applied to my face in a specific method to give me shining, less wrinkled sparkling skin.. yes real gold.. It's meant to be quite expensive, unfortunately I've been unable to find the price as these salons seem to be quite private about how many blips their earning per facial.. 

Sing sweet nightingale... Now poo on my face.
Excuse the filthy headings, I'm in shock and with shock comes my strange sense of humour! lol.. So what's in this facial? Bitta rice, bitta bran, bitta water, bitta... what? Sterilised bird poo? And it costs an average of $180! Last time a bird decided to take a dump on me I looked up to the sky with my fists clenched and cursed him and his mother.. now people are actually paying what I'd consider big bucks to have it smeared all over their face to 'exfoliate out dirt and dust' and leave them feeling.. 'refreshed?' 
Cold cucumber slices placed on my eyes leave me feeling refreshed... not bird poo.

Baby foreskin? REALLY?...
...Yes really! Baby foreskin was originally made into a healing cream for burn victims, that's probably what brought on the idea of an anti-ageing moisturiser made of the same thing. Known as TNS the cream costs 130 quid on average and is known to have great results! The only cons are.. 'It has a sour smell', and It's made of baby foreskin! wtf?

WhalePuke no.5...
Ambergris, a property in whale puke, which is used in perfumes. It is known to contain chemicals that attract the male species and make you Irresistable.. basically if you wear it you'll most likely find yourself a nice chap.. eww. Fortunately perfumes containing this are now banned from the US and many other countries under animal cruelty legislations. Thank god for that, Less whales are dying and less ladies are spritzing whale puke all over themselves in order to find a man.

Leech me...
Having read 'Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events' in my youth I've grown up to believe that Leeches are BAD.. They ate Aunt Josephine and we do not like them!!!
But to others, such as Demi Moore who openly admitted to doing it on live TV, Leeches are seen as a form of detox and for others a reduction method for hair loss. It all dates back to Indian tradition when blood sucking leeches were used to remove toxic blood. Me no Likey.

The slime of one Snail...
Being a pro snail collector in my youth lead me to believe that snail slime is gross.. but nowadays it's being used in moisturisers to help heal acne scars and other blemishes. Known to contain zinc, Iron, glycoprotein enzymes and all these other big words that I'm not arsed writing.. My point is, the stuff is meant to be good for you! Yuck!

Thank goodness the spa I'm going to doesn't have any of these treatments, I hope not anyways...
So have you ladies ever tried any of these? or WOULD you ladies ever try any of these?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

New York to Paris to London to Milan to Your Wardrobe!

I spent half of today cringing over the fact that I spelt the word Jewellery wrong several times in yesterdays post, damn it's just one of those words!.. And the other half with my head dipped into several fashion magazines checking out all of the latest Spring/Summer 2012 collections from top designers. Ah the unemployed life, I could get used to this again! 
I have this motto when I look at top designers stuff, I drool over it as we all do, but rather than curling into a ball and crying about the fact that I didn't win last nights Euro millions and will never be able to afford the stuff, I simply study it and think of ways that I can transform the haute couture looks into high street hotness!
I decided to put my knowledge to the test and make this post, hopefully helping you ladies to see that we can look as high fashion as the giraffes on the runway without the designer prices!
This year Vibrant colours and Hippy prints worked alongside pastel colours and modern simplicity.
Here are some of my favourite looks and how to pull them off yourself...

Waahh waahh weeeh waaahh.. (Said in the voice of Borat!) I absolutely love this tropical extravaganza by Dolce & Gabbana! 
Let's face it though, although it works on the runway I wouldn't be heading out for cocktail on a hot summers night looking that Matched, I like to mix it up a little...
Luckily for us floral print is flirty, fun and easily available in most high street stores. This here is my take on the outfit. This adorable floral skirt from Topshop. And as for the top, I would still go for something that shows off skin, just not that much skin.. Like this rocking leather top, also from Topshop.

Prada was very brave this Spring showing outfits consisting of teensy bandeau tops paired with elegant pencil skirts. They weren't afraid to mix textures and prints and I just love having that bit of skin above your bellybutton on show.

This season is all about not being afraid to mix colours, we've already seen this with the colour blocking trend. The pink lace bandeau top from River Island is a great addition to anyones wardrobe, it's bright, summery and it can be worn on it's own or under sheer and low cut tops. I thought I'd go a little crazy and try to mix prints by pairing it with this stunning printed pencil skirt also from River Island.

This chalky blue outfit by Preen really stood out to me as it manages to be casual and elegant at the same time.. It also instantly reminded me of a blue crop top I've had my eye on for a while now...
The blue top is from Asos and the belted Chino's from River Island...
I just think this is an adorable outfit for a breezy spring day paired with some white converse, or for a meal with the girls with some heeled ankle boots.

Tweed popped up here and there, particularly in the collection of Proenza Schouler. Although I love tweed I find it more appropriate for winter.. but I combined some tweed pieces and tried to add a summery twist..
..By adding a vibrant coloured shirt or blouse which would really pop under the grey colour.
The shirt is from Asos as are the Blazer and the Shorts.

'Dreamy and romantic, but with grown up allure' were the words used to describe the Erdem collection. I especially loved this simple yet beautiful outfit. Blue floral shorts teamed with a flowy white shirt. 
I was instantly reminded of this adorable floral skirt from ASOS which you could pair with this handy white pussybow blouse from

I loved Peter Pilotto's umbrella skirt with a skin tight halter-neck top. The colours are bold and I am just in  love with any skirt that stops just above the knee, so classy!
My take on this look is a little different, more mitchy matchy. I just love this black Umbrella skirt from ASOS, it's at the top of my shopping list! It's super chique and would go with anything. I'd keep the whole vibrant colour theme and go for this stunning hot pink halter top, also from ASOS.

Louis Vuitton never fails to impress me. I just loved the floral patterns and candy colours. 
I've been looking everywhere for items that resembled those on the runway and was about to give up when I spotted this floral patterned dress in River Island. It instantly reminded me of the LV collection, it's playful, fun and classy and would look great this summer if you're planning on getting a tan!

Emporio Armani kept to the masculine is feminine fitted tuxedoesqu look and I love it!...

Just like I mentioned in my post The pursuit of Tux-iness which was about how to pull off the Tuxedo look... the lined River Island blazer is perfect! I'd pair it with a Sleevless white shirt such as the one above from Topshop, the Chino's also from Topshop and this adorable hat just to complete the look which is also from Topshop.

In the next few months I'm expecting every high street store to be fully stocked with more accurate versions of these outfits.. but for now these will do! Plus I love putting outfits together and doing posts like this!
What do you ladies think of these outfit?
And which was your favourite Collection this season?


Friday, 20 January 2012

Temporary Secretary order has arrived!...

So I've probably mentioned before on this that I'm slightly addicted to online shopping, especially when it's for unusual pieces at great prices! I was having a nose through Melita Kiely, one of my favourite blogs to read. There was a post about the £20 pound lucky dip from Temporary Secretary and once I saw all the wonderful goodies she received I had to order one! 
Temporary Secretary is an online boutique that sells handmade jewelry and accessories. The prices are great and the pieces are really unusual and of great quality! The woman in the post office was ready to punch me in the face as I was in there every morning for the last week asking if my package had arrived yet!
The £20 lucky dip consists of 12 random items, it's great because you don't know what you're getting and I love surprises! You can also opt for a £10 lucky dip containing 5 items but I thought I'd go all out!
And now I get to show you ladies what I got!...
 I know I say this too much but once again sorry about the bad photography, my camera is dead and gone and my mam's is so crap! I edit all my photo's and try to do them a little justice...
The packaging was so sweet, once I opened the box items were wrapped in green tissue paper with a little yellow ribbon, how cute? Pity it got absolutely torn open with the giddy and excited mood I was in, and boy was I delighted with what I got!

These adorable studs that I'll get loads of wear out of! I've recently been on a quest to buy small earrings to wear every day.

I got four necklaces.. retro little glasses, an apple core, an adorable hot air balloon and a moustache..
Absolutely love each of the pieces they're so funky and one of a kind!

This stunning pearl charm bracelet is also so sweet!

I'm loving the blue stone earrings on the left, the necklace and the awesome ladybird brooch which will look adorable on a plain black cardigan I recently purchased!

Rings are my favourite thing in the world and I always have them on! The little princessesque castle is just stunning and so is the black and gold flower... Excuse my stumpy child like hands, my sister always slags me and says I have baby fingers! lol

 ...My jaw nearly dropped off in awe when I saw this super cool guitar ring!

And of course there were some chocolates thrown in, which I regret to inform you were instantly gobbled.

I was really happy with this purchase, I love every single piece and it was well worth £20!
I definitely recommend Temporary Secretary to all of my lovely followers who are as mad about accessories as me and it's even a great gift if you have any birthdays coming up!


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