Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best trends of 2011...

I don't know about you ladies but I can't get over the fact that 2011 is over!
I had such a great year but I've gone on about that enough already.. one thing I really loved about the year was the trends! Bohemian style really took over the runways throughout each season and I was delighted about that!
So many new looks and trends have been introduced and I hope they'll last and expand through 2012.
So here are some of my favorites...

1. Chunky Heels...

I have a passion for shoes but I've always been quite closed minded when it comes to my wardrobe.. Anything without a huge platform and a skinny heel just wasn't good enough for me. 2011 changed that. Before the summer chunky heels were everywhere! Jeffrey Campbell boots have especially caught my eye and I'm planning on getting myself a pair very soon. The sparkly heels were featured in my Princess Inspired Party Looks post, they're from Aldo. Chunky heels have taken over the sleek feminine stiletto look and made it an edgy, high fashion statement. 

2. Feathers!

Feathers have taken over, from feathered skirts, dresses, earrings and even feathered hair extensions, which I posted about here, I've been loving them! Weather it's making a statement with some feathered shoulder pads or funking up a plain dress with some long, vibrant feathered earrings, Feathers have been continually showing up on every red carpet!

3. Dark Lips

The vampire look has been everywhere this year. Although I was hesitant at first and thought it just made people look like living corpses, I got myself Macs Musky Amethyst and haven't stopped wearing it since. A classic red lip just won't do it for me, I just love the dark, seductive brown, plum and black lipped look.

4. Dip dyed hair

Giuliana Rancic was the first celeb I seen pulling off this look on E! News, and the trend went viral. Every second person you see walking down the street seems to have a hint of two toned hair and I love it! I read in a popular Irish Magazine a few weeks ago that they're 'so over' this hairstyle... 
I on the other hand couldn't disagree more! I love the look and hope it carries on throughout 2012, so that someday I can get it done properly.

5. Fishtail Braids...

Transforming your greasy, split ended hair into a bohemian Goddess look! I absolutely love fishtail braids! They can be casual or formal and always look super stylish! Yet another trend I hope doesn't die out.
Unfortunately for me despite the many video tutorials I've watched I still haven't gotten mine perfect... but they're also great messy!

6. Studs...

No not men.. actual studs! Since Lady Gaga's Telephone video studs seem to have leaked down from the runway to high street shops and they seem to be getting bigger, bolder and better!
Nothing says edgy more than a nice studded jacket or some studded boots like the Jeffrey Campbell ones above. 

7. Long skirts..

I've posted on Gypsy skirts and how much I love the fact that we never have to shave our legs again! lol I joke... 
Modesty has been taking over the fashion industry in the last few years from pussybow shirts to floor length skirts. I think they give every girl a classy look whilst being super stylish and they make you look and feel really feminine!

8. Tuxedo suits..

I just blogged about these a while ago and gave idea's of how to put a nice tuxedo suit together weather it's casual or formal. See it here! I just love this look, again it's modest, classy and still manages to be sexy!

These are just a few of the trends that I've been mad about throughout 2011. What trends did you love/hate?

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