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Getting to Know me tag..

I just came across this on w00fits.I've been dying to do one of these so my followers could get to know me better but the only ones I could find were makeup related! Now  I've found this one and it'll help me pass the time while I'm waiting for my Vlog to upload :) 

Vital Statistics:
Me: Serena
Nicknames: hmmm.. Sern Mac, (I used to call myself that when I was younger and now my friends always call me it to embarrass me!) lol Also SerenASS and serANUS.. excuse the filth you can guess what kind of friends I have! lol
Birthday: 27th July, love having a summer birthday! 
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Zodiac Sign: Leo! We're known to be party animals and believe me I live up to that reputation! 
Male or Female: Female
Working in The Disney Store at the moment to save up for college.
Residence: Nosey perverts! lol
Screen Name: Be broke be stylish be slightly boho or just Serena

Hair Colour: Brown, I had it marbled before the summer so there's tiny bits of blonde running through it which are now turning Orange, badly need my hair done!
Hair Length: It's down past my shoulders but I never leave the house without my extensions which come down past my boobies, (that was my best way of explaining it!)
Eye colour: Dark brown, They come out black in some pictures it's quite creepy!
Best Feature: hmmm... I don't know.. my legs I've been told.
Height: 5"5 and a half and not growing seeing as my family are all tiny Italians, they all call me tall! lol
Braces?: Yes I suffered for three years and got them off in 2008.. I cried when the dentist took them off coz I looked like a horse.. still do! lol
Glasses?: Hmmm, I'm supposed to wear them when I watch small tv's and for blackboards etc but I never do, I really think I should start wearing them in the car for my safety and the safety of others on the road! lol I tend to 'not see' red traffic lights and stop signs!
Piercing: Hmmm.. I had my nose done, got bored and took it out, got my lip done last year but I looked like a pirate so that came out too, have my ears, my bellybutton and the back of my neck now.
Tattoos: I have a small rose on my ribs and an Oscar Wilde quote on my arm in Italian. I've heard that having an even number of tattoo's is bad luck, guess I'll be getting another one soon so!
Righty or Lefty: Righty!

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Stephanie from Style Me Ricci, Our mams were best friends so we were forced into it! lol We're still best of friends since we were like.. 2?
First Award: Pathetic as this sounds My first award was my Versatile blogger award! I'm one of those people that never wins anything.. Although I have a few medals from skiing when I was younger!
First Sport You Joined: Oh god I've tried them all, my first was Ballet when i was 4. I was really good at it but refused to go anymore when my mam cut my hair into a bob because I was scared that the other girls would think I was a boy!
First Real Vacation: Probably Italy, although It's not really a Vacation because it's my second home, I've gone over every single summer since I was born and sometimes at Easter, Christmas and February midterms.. I love my house over there!
First Concert: P!nk, I went to see her Misundastood concert with my two best friends, it was amazing!
First Love: Apart from Brad Pitt in Troy I have yet to find one, but if you see any give me a shout! lol

Movie: Charlie and the chocolate factory, (the old one, the new one was a disgrace) Face/off and Lilo & Stitch.
TV Show: Oh dear, This will take a while, Desperate housewives, Lost (until the shitty ending, we're all dead yay!) Gossip girl, 90210, Game of Thrones (dying for it to start again!) The Bad Girls Club (my guilty pleasure, POP OFF!) Pretty little liars, The O.C, Misfits, Skins (up until the 5th series which was pathetic!) and pretty much anything with nice clothes and hot guys!
Colours: I don't really have a favourite colour, It used to be Pink, I love Gold too.
Song: My all time favourite song is Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard.
Candy: Razzles, Pity you can't get them in Ireland! I have enough to last me until next month and then I shall die! lol, I also used to love Willy Wonka bars, the old ones, but They've stopped making them.. :(
Restaurant: I go to so many but my favourite spot at the moment is a place called Kitchen in town, It's so yummy and the staff are just lovely! You can sit outside and they give you little rugs to keep warm. I always go for lunch there with my mammy.
Store: Thats a hard one, I pretty much live in River Island and Topshop despite the ridiculous prices, I love to window shop in American Apparel and Urban outfitters too!
School: The college I went to Last year, Colaiste Ide in Finglas, I done an Art and design portfolio course. The whole art department is brand new and sooo nice, I also met some of the best people ever and cheesy as this sounds I really learned a lot about myself and came out of my shell!
Book: Recently read Pack up the moon by Anna McPartlin and it was amazing. A book that made me cry! I also love A place called here by Cecilia Ahern and Pride and Prejudice.
Magazine: Vogue (when I can afford it) and Company (it always has such raunchy articles! lol)
Shoes: My Laboutins that my friends surprised me with for my 18th and A nude pair of pointed skyscrapers that I pretty much wear with everything because they instantly transform me into a Giraffe!

Feeling: Hungover.. never mixing whiskey's again!
Single or Taken: Single. 
Eating: Nothing, just had a cup of tea and a ciggy with my mam.
Typing: This.. Durr...
Online: Twitter and Facebook.
Listening To: Placebo - Song to say goodbye.. depressing I know, I'm hungover and emotional here gimme a break!
Thinking About: Finding whoever made the uploading system for youtube and brutally murdering them... lol Why is it taking so long? 2%!!!
Wanting: A big dirty chinese, but it's too early for that :(
Watching: Noothin..
Wearing: Fluffy Jim Jams, Planning on staying in them all day! So Comfy!

Want Children?: Ok I know its one extreme to another but I either want none, or If I'm going to ruin my privates I'm having like 6! I want a little community! lol
Want to be Married: Yes hopefully I'll find someone that can cope with my craziness!
Careers in Mind: A Fashion Designer or fashion editor.. I love fashion as you can probably guess!
Where do you want to live?: I really want to move to Italy next year for college and then maybe London to set off my career, I can see myself settling down in Ireland later in life though, as much as I don't admit it I love this place!

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: Yep, Don't judge me I used to go to those shitty Underage disco's in my tacky clothes and kiss all the lads! lol
Had Alcohol: Yes, at this point my liver is begging me to stop! lol
Smoked: Unfortunately I've been smoking since I was 13, properly since I was 15.. I don't know how I fell into such a bad habit but I can't see myself quitting any time soon...
Ran Away From Home: I never got past the packing my bags part...
Broken a bone: No.. I fractured my toe before if that counts?
Got an X-ray: Yep, on my foot and wrist and I've had one of those CAT scan thingy's where they put you in a tunnel with ear plugs in! It was creepy..
Broken Someone's Heart: Maybe, maybe not! lol
Broke Up With Someone: Yep but none of my relationships were ever serious enough to cause any long term harm.. lol
Cried When Someone Died: Well I hardly laughed!
Cried At School: Yeh a couple of years ago when my english teacher called me out in front of the whole class for texting and took my brand new phone :( I didn't cry in front of her though went into the bathroom..

Do You Believe In:
God: Yes
Miracles: Yep, my family are huge fans of Padre Pio, He's helped us through some tough times, It kind of creeps me out how many pictures of him my mam has around the house though!
Love At First sight: Yep
Ghosts: Yep
Aliens: Sometimes, When I watch those creepy shows about UFO sightings I always go into 'The aliens are coming' mode. I do believe there's some sort of other life form out there, I think they're just like us though.. no funny shaped heads and big black eyes!
Soul Mates: Hmm.. not really sure...
Heaven: Yes
Hell: If there is one I'm pretty sure I have a one way ticket! lol
Kissing on The First Date: It depends if you like the person, I went on a really bad date last year and when he went in for the kiss I felt too bad to stop him.. it was awful!
Yourself: Hmm, not really but I'm working on it!

Well that's all folks! Hopefully this vlog get's uploaded some time today! grr! 
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