Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ludmila Korol...

My parents day off is a Monday and they always head into the south side of town, Grafton Street for lunch and little window shopping.
They park in Stephens Green shopping centre most of the time.
Luckily for me the station where you pay for your parking ticket is right beside a small art gallery,
so if I'm with them, or just bumming a lift home from work with them, I always find myself wandering in and having a glance at the art. 
One picture in particular caught my eye one day. It was called little lamb by an artist called Ludmila Korol.
I became infatuated with the slightly spooky, mysterious and mind dazzling painting. Although it was small and simple it stood out to me among all of the other masterpieces. 
It became a habit for me to drift over to that painting every time my dad was paying his parking.
The sad eyed girl in the middle of a gloomy field, only a small country house and a few tree's in the background, holding a lamb. A soft, fluffy lamb.
My parents aren't known to be sentimental, but this Christmas I almost cried when I tore open a present and found the painting. Oil on Canvas, My very own piece of art and the first of what will hopefully be a huge collection.

After receiving this amazing gift I decided to research into the artist some more so that I could show you some of her work.
Ludmila Korol was born in the Ukraine in 1965. She studied fine art in the Kiev state academy. 
After working as an artist in Prague she moved to Ireland in 1996.
The contemporary artist creates works know to 'capture that intangible state between dreaming and waking that subliminally pervades our consciousness but is stifled by our daily lives.'
She describes her work as: '"an open channel into the depths of the psyche" and "like a friend, often subversive, disturbing, soothing and contemplative.'

I'm absolutely in love with this artist and I hope you ladies like her too,
It was so hard to narrow down her paintings and choose a few to put on here because they're all so enchanting!

I hope you ladies love her as much as I do!

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