Sunday, 22 January 2012

New York to Paris to London to Milan to Your Wardrobe!

I spent half of today cringing over the fact that I spelt the word Jewellery wrong several times in yesterdays post, damn it's just one of those words!.. And the other half with my head dipped into several fashion magazines checking out all of the latest Spring/Summer 2012 collections from top designers. Ah the unemployed life, I could get used to this again! 
I have this motto when I look at top designers stuff, I drool over it as we all do, but rather than curling into a ball and crying about the fact that I didn't win last nights Euro millions and will never be able to afford the stuff, I simply study it and think of ways that I can transform the haute couture looks into high street hotness!
I decided to put my knowledge to the test and make this post, hopefully helping you ladies to see that we can look as high fashion as the giraffes on the runway without the designer prices!
This year Vibrant colours and Hippy prints worked alongside pastel colours and modern simplicity.
Here are some of my favourite looks and how to pull them off yourself...

Waahh waahh weeeh waaahh.. (Said in the voice of Borat!) I absolutely love this tropical extravaganza by Dolce & Gabbana! 
Let's face it though, although it works on the runway I wouldn't be heading out for cocktail on a hot summers night looking that Matched, I like to mix it up a little...
Luckily for us floral print is flirty, fun and easily available in most high street stores. This here is my take on the outfit. This adorable floral skirt from Topshop. And as for the top, I would still go for something that shows off skin, just not that much skin.. Like this rocking leather top, also from Topshop.

Prada was very brave this Spring showing outfits consisting of teensy bandeau tops paired with elegant pencil skirts. They weren't afraid to mix textures and prints and I just love having that bit of skin above your bellybutton on show.

This season is all about not being afraid to mix colours, we've already seen this with the colour blocking trend. The pink lace bandeau top from River Island is a great addition to anyones wardrobe, it's bright, summery and it can be worn on it's own or under sheer and low cut tops. I thought I'd go a little crazy and try to mix prints by pairing it with this stunning printed pencil skirt also from River Island.

This chalky blue outfit by Preen really stood out to me as it manages to be casual and elegant at the same time.. It also instantly reminded me of a blue crop top I've had my eye on for a while now...
The blue top is from Asos and the belted Chino's from River Island...
I just think this is an adorable outfit for a breezy spring day paired with some white converse, or for a meal with the girls with some heeled ankle boots.

Tweed popped up here and there, particularly in the collection of Proenza Schouler. Although I love tweed I find it more appropriate for winter.. but I combined some tweed pieces and tried to add a summery twist..
..By adding a vibrant coloured shirt or blouse which would really pop under the grey colour.
The shirt is from Asos as are the Blazer and the Shorts.

'Dreamy and romantic, but with grown up allure' were the words used to describe the Erdem collection. I especially loved this simple yet beautiful outfit. Blue floral shorts teamed with a flowy white shirt. 
I was instantly reminded of this adorable floral skirt from ASOS which you could pair with this handy white pussybow blouse from

I loved Peter Pilotto's umbrella skirt with a skin tight halter-neck top. The colours are bold and I am just in  love with any skirt that stops just above the knee, so classy!
My take on this look is a little different, more mitchy matchy. I just love this black Umbrella skirt from ASOS, it's at the top of my shopping list! It's super chique and would go with anything. I'd keep the whole vibrant colour theme and go for this stunning hot pink halter top, also from ASOS.

Louis Vuitton never fails to impress me. I just loved the floral patterns and candy colours. 
I've been looking everywhere for items that resembled those on the runway and was about to give up when I spotted this floral patterned dress in River Island. It instantly reminded me of the LV collection, it's playful, fun and classy and would look great this summer if you're planning on getting a tan!

Emporio Armani kept to the masculine is feminine fitted tuxedoesqu look and I love it!...

Just like I mentioned in my post The pursuit of Tux-iness which was about how to pull off the Tuxedo look... the lined River Island blazer is perfect! I'd pair it with a Sleevless white shirt such as the one above from Topshop, the Chino's also from Topshop and this adorable hat just to complete the look which is also from Topshop.

In the next few months I'm expecting every high street store to be fully stocked with more accurate versions of these outfits.. but for now these will do! Plus I love putting outfits together and doing posts like this!
What do you ladies think of these outfit?
And which was your favourite Collection this season?


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