Monday, 2 January 2012

PS. I Miss You...

So me and my sister are pretty much joined at the hip...
I mean we sleep, eat and breathe together, cheesy as that sounds!
But the bitch decided to up and go to Australia for a year on the 1st of December.
She went to Thailand for three weeks first, then to Sydney to spend Christmas and New Years Eve on Bondi beach, and now she's making her way to Melbourne to settle down.
I'm always slagging her for being so cheesy, she's full of affection and always wants to hug and cuddle and be all loveable, while I on the other hand hate showing affection. 
Now as much as I hate to admit it I'm missing her loads, and she knew I would be, so she came up with a cheddar cheesy plan to make me not miss her so much.
Like the book PS I Love You, by Cecilia Ahern, she decided to leave me a letter for every day of December.

Somehow she even managed to keep it a Surprise!
I woke up on the second of December alone in the bed and frozen without her, to find a letter beside me.
She'd given all of them to my mam who left them beside me each morning.
Don't believe me? Have a look...

She even went through the effort of using gold pen, awhhhhh!

Anyways I thought I'd get all personal and stuff and tell you about the stuff she wrote inside some of the letters...
Just to give you and idea I'll write the first letter for you...

2nd of December
Serena, I know I've only been gone a day and you haven't gotten the chance to miss me yet(Your probs still celebrating!) But as we are so close I decided to write you a short letter every day for the first month. I probs won't be in touch much and I know I'll be missing you from miles away and your tubby toe! 
Love Lidia..
Ps.. I miss you!

On the back of the envelope was a little note saying.. 'PS, Peep your head under my bed...'
So into her room I stormed and there waiting for me under the bed was a Thorntons chocolate advent calender. I never got a chance to take a pic of it before munching the whole thing...
And an explanation for the tubby toe thing... I fractured my toe when I was younger in dancing. I never got it checked out so it healed itself, but now my big toe doesn't grow and he's obese. My sister named him Tubby.

So here's a short summary of some of the things she wrote to me...

3rd of December: In this letter she basically just told me to take advantage of the fact that I'm an only child for a year.. Get double the money on nights out and soak up the attention off my parents!

4th of December: I'd been having some issues in work and in this letter she told me to be my confident self and not to care what other people think. She told me to never change and defend myself when I've done nothing wrong.

5th of December: In this letter she mentioned how the Christmas tree was probably up! She also reminded me of how me and her always decorate it, and then when we're in bed our mam takes everything down and does it again! (She's a little OCD!) 

6th of December: She wrote this letter in Italian calling me; La mia Rosa, (my Rose) This is so gay but we have a little name for ourselves, The roses, because she has a tattoo of a rose on her foot and I have a similar one on my ribs. She also told me she hopes my blog is going well and that I'm getting loads of followers.

7th of December: This letter was all about Moo, our pug, she told me to give him loads of attention and not to forget to feed him. She also stated, and I quote: 'When I come home he'll be a man!' 

8th of December: In this letter she talked about her singing to me! She also mentioned my bath obsession and said... 'Take a bath, perhaps wave a magic wand and I'll be there too. Look under my shoe!'
It took a while to find in her messy shoe wardrobe but in one of her stiletto's was a Magic wand from Lush!

9th of december: I skidded on a roundabout in the car a few months ago. I was by myself so I got a huge shock and stopped driving for a month. In this letter she told me to Drive. '& I don't mean mam and dad up the wall!'  I'm proud to say I have since gotten back in the car and started driving again!

10th of December: Before she left we came up with a plan that I'd find myself a nice boyfriend to replace her. In this letter she told me to Initiate! I'm just not the kind of person that will pick up my phone and text the guy I like, I just sit around and wait for him to text me. (And I can be waiting a long time!) lol
She told me to show guys I'm interested! 

11th of December: In this letter she mentioned how hungover she'd probably be, as it's the day after the Full Moon party. She also told me to give my parents a big hug from her and show them lots of affection as they need it!

12th of December: We have a tradition of watching the Grinch around Christmas time every year. It's our ultimate favourite Christmas film. She told me to get one of our friends to come up and watch it with me, just so I don't have to watch it alone! lol

13th of December: As you've probably guessed by now me and my sister are complete nutters! Sometimes when we're in bed at night we get crazy hyper, people have often told us we feed off eachothers hyperness. We came up with this kind of, comedy skit, one night in bed. Basically we've invented these alter ego's,  Anto & Judy, two dubliners who happen to be junkies. She wrote this letter through the eyes of Judy. I'd try to explain it but... It's just too weird to explain! lol

14th of December: She wrote this letter as a poem. (She does that every year on my birthday cards and I always slag her about it!) It was basically about how pretty she thinks I am, (Although I have to disagree) And at the end it said 'Razzle Dazzle em..' On the back of the envelope she had.. 'Third drawer in the study, Yumma!' And in there I found a bag of Razzles! I have a sick obsession with them ever since I went to New York years ago and bought some off a street vendor. You can't get them in Ireland so she got them for me when she was in London. I can safely say they've been devoured already! lol

15th of December: This letter was just creepy, (I lie, I loved it!) She talked about how she'll miss my tiny hands, my tubby toe and my cute little face while I sleep. (Now that last part is creepy!)

17th of December: Notice how I'm skipping a few letters, some of them are a little repetitive and are just rants about how much she'll miss me! This letter was too..

18th of December: Another one written in Italian. She told me that I need to get some lessons and improve my Italian skills as I really want to move to Rome for College in the future, and with my country Italian accent nobody there would understand me!

19th of December: This was the day of my Mams birthday so she once again mentioned that I have to give her loads of attention and told me where she'd hidden her card.

20th of December: In this letter she urged me to try and bond with my mam. We've had a rocky relationship in the past but get along great now! She told me to do something nice, like bake a cake, with her!

21st of December: This was the day she was leaving Thailand and going to Sydney. I'm absolutely obsessed with the show Bondi Rescue, and am in love with all of the bondi lifeguards. So she told me she'd fake a drowning and get rescued by one of them!

23rd of December: She told me to relax and enjoy my little time off work. (She calls it Nazi camp) She also advised me to help my mam out with all the christmas baking.

24th of December: She wished me a happy Christmas Eve and told me to say hello to all my cousins that I spend the day with. She told me how she'd miss the slagging around the dinner table and to do a good impression of my mum, (her road rage etc)

25th of December: She wished me a happy Christmas and the usual cheesy stuff.. then told me to look behind the big teddy in her room. There waiting for me was the 12 days of Christmas set from Lush! I was delighted!
30th of December: She talked about how it will be our first new year apart! She also told me to make a good new years resolution, something to do with love (Getting myself a bloke) or my career (Getting myself a new job.)

31st of December: The last letter! This one was extra long and extra extra cheesy! Just to make a show of her (not that she'll care) I'll let you in on the whole thing!

'To my partner in crime. Hate to make you emotional tonight, I want you to go out and have a ball. It's a few hours until I leave and I can't imagine 12 months without you! Our laughter til all hours in bed, our outbursts of song, chilling, sleeping, spending every minute of the day together. You are the most important person in my life. You make me laugh and smile like no one else can. I love you more than anything. You are a part of me & I'm so proud to call you my sister. Goodbye for now.
PS, I miss you..

wahhhh! Are you bawling yet? lol. 
I have to say I haven't missed her too much yet and I think it was thanks to these letters. I'm so sad they've come to an end as I think it's going to really hit me now that she's gone! 
I hope she has a wonderful year and doesn't decide to stay any longer than that, I think I'd miss her too much if she did!

The bitch tagged me in this piccy on Christmas day.. so not jealous! lol


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