Friday, 20 January 2012

Temporary Secretary order has arrived!...

So I've probably mentioned before on this that I'm slightly addicted to online shopping, especially when it's for unusual pieces at great prices! I was having a nose through Melita Kiely, one of my favourite blogs to read. There was a post about the £20 pound lucky dip from Temporary Secretary and once I saw all the wonderful goodies she received I had to order one! 
Temporary Secretary is an online boutique that sells handmade jewelry and accessories. The prices are great and the pieces are really unusual and of great quality! The woman in the post office was ready to punch me in the face as I was in there every morning for the last week asking if my package had arrived yet!
The £20 lucky dip consists of 12 random items, it's great because you don't know what you're getting and I love surprises! You can also opt for a £10 lucky dip containing 5 items but I thought I'd go all out!
And now I get to show you ladies what I got!...
 I know I say this too much but once again sorry about the bad photography, my camera is dead and gone and my mam's is so crap! I edit all my photo's and try to do them a little justice...
The packaging was so sweet, once I opened the box items were wrapped in green tissue paper with a little yellow ribbon, how cute? Pity it got absolutely torn open with the giddy and excited mood I was in, and boy was I delighted with what I got!

These adorable studs that I'll get loads of wear out of! I've recently been on a quest to buy small earrings to wear every day.

I got four necklaces.. retro little glasses, an apple core, an adorable hot air balloon and a moustache..
Absolutely love each of the pieces they're so funky and one of a kind!

This stunning pearl charm bracelet is also so sweet!

I'm loving the blue stone earrings on the left, the necklace and the awesome ladybird brooch which will look adorable on a plain black cardigan I recently purchased!

Rings are my favourite thing in the world and I always have them on! The little princessesque castle is just stunning and so is the black and gold flower... Excuse my stumpy child like hands, my sister always slags me and says I have baby fingers! lol

 ...My jaw nearly dropped off in awe when I saw this super cool guitar ring!

And of course there were some chocolates thrown in, which I regret to inform you were instantly gobbled.

I was really happy with this purchase, I love every single piece and it was well worth £20!
I definitely recommend Temporary Secretary to all of my lovely followers who are as mad about accessories as me and it's even a great gift if you have any birthdays coming up!


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