Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tights Tights Baby!...

I've been doing a lot of research into tights lately.. 
Tight's are like a gals best friend when you really think about it; When you're heading on an unplanned night out and forgot to wax or tan your legs.. when you need that little something to funk up an outfit, If when you need to look less slutty in that super short dress or when you live in Ireland where you can't walk out the door with bare legs unless you want them to freeze into solid ice and crumble beneath you.. Get where I'm coming from?

So I've been looking for unusual tights as the only ones I ever seem to wear are plain black nylons or gartered ones (Which are fab!)
So I've found some super cool pairs to show you ladies...

Dogtooth is back with a vengeance ever since Ga Ga stepped out wearing it head to toe. Now it seems every celeb is catching on to this trend and it's popping up on the high street! Why not make these babies from Topshop a part of your collection. Just don't go buying the matching hat, dress and sunglasses, Only Lady G herself can pull that one off!

They look Versace to me, and If I'm fooled I'm sure everyone on the streets will be too! These lovely tight's are also from Topshop and would make even your LBPD (little black Primark dress) look a million euro! 

Oh no, there's a ladder in my tights! (Pun Intended) How cool are they? Make a statement out of your outfit with these ladder tights from

And for all the hopeless Romantics out there why not wear a pair of tights like these? Also from

If your that scared to get a tattoo try these fabulous tattoo printed tights which I found on
How lovely are they?

These just instantly reminded me of Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape video! Stripes are always good especially when they're Vertical, giving the Illusion that your legs are thinner and longer than they really are..
I'll take 10 please! from

Suspender tights have been around a while now and they really put the HO in Hosiery... <- get it? Get it? Ha I lolled at that for about five minutes... I just don't know how I come up with these things! Anyways these are extra special as they have little pearls on them.. Found them in Urban Outfitters...

And these bejewelled beauties are pretty epic too! I think I'd die if they ever ripped though! They'd make any outfit super funky and glamorous!
See them on

Well that's it ladies, what do you think of these pieces?


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