Thursday, 19 January 2012

What's In My Make-up Drawer...

So I made my very first Vlog for this, but it ended up being 24 minutes long.. and would take forever to upload. 
I ended giving up in an angry rage and have decided to do this long overdue post with pictures instead. 
Now I have to warn you it may be long and photo heavy...
and excuse the bad photography, I was going to wait until I get a camera, but that's not happening any time soon! So here's what's in my makeup Drawer, I don't have a make-up bag, I have a full drawer beside my dressing table designated to all of my cosmetics where they stay nicely organised. 
Here we go...


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: I've been using this for years and it's my all time favourite primer. I hate the oily feel of it during application but it really makes my make-up last weather it's for work or a night out.
Garnier Roll On Concealer: I don't really suffer with acne on my face, although my chest and back are a different story, So I don't need much coverage. I do however have sallow skin and being quite the Insomniac I always have huge bags. This under eye concealer is made to target dark circles. I used the normal roll on before it and when I found out they made a concealer form I marched my little bum down to the pharmacy and picked it up. It has a metal ball applicator and is really refreshing to apply. Even though it's made for under your eyes I actually use it on my chin and nose too when I have little outbreaks. I use 03 a medium tone.

Mac Studiofix Fluid Foundation: 'Don't ever use Mac Makeup, It's like applying mud to your face..' That's what my childhood dermatologist told me.. and I can't completely disagree... It is heavy and thick but that's what makes it great for a perfect finish and flawless looking skin... As long as you take it off properly at night there's no damage to be done. I wear this foundation, (NC37) on nights out.
Blusher: I know this isn't very helpful but my Mac Blusher's name has faded.. I can tell you that it's a slightly orange colour... I'm not mad about it tbh, It's the only blusher I've ever had as I never used to use blusher. I have however made a few cheeky internet orders in the last few weeks and will have a much bigger collection soon!
Bare Minerals Medium Glow mineral foundation: I've grown up using mineral foundations. It started with Sheercover which I purchased online from the US monthly. When BT2 started selling Bare minerals It saved me the hassle of having to borrow peoples credit cards to place orders and wait on the deliveries. I absolutely love this foundation, the medium glow colour is perfect for my skin tone so It looks really natural and is great for every day and work. I also apply this over my Mac Studiofix foundation as kind of a bronzer.


Urban Decay Primer Potion: This is the primer I use on my eyes and to be completely honest I'm not sure why! I've never seen any difference with or without using primer, It's just become part of my routine now!
Mac Palette: I really think anyone that uses Mac eye shadows should have one of these. It's so compact and handy compared to having your eye shadows in different pots and it works out a lot cheaper with the palette eye shadows costing only 11.50! Mine is full, unfortunately I'm not very adventurous with my eye makeup, it's either a black smoky eye or a brown smoky eye. For the black smoky eye which I do when I'm heading out to parties or nightclubs I use Brule, (The cream colour on the bottom left), The silver Knight Divine colour and the Black which is called Carbon. For brown smoky eyes I use Saddle, Embark and Brule. As you can see I get a lot of use out of Brule and am living off the little remains I have instead of buying a new one! I'm absolutely in love with Mac eye shadows!

I have two Urban Decay Palettes, Naked, which we all know and love, and the Alice in Wonderland palette which is full of loads of really pretty colours.

When it comes to mascara's I'm always changing make. At the moment I use Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay and Mac Zoom Lash. The urban decay one is ok.. As for the Mac, I love it! It's great for length and thickness but can come out quite clumpy.. That's why I have Telescopic (silver bottle on the left). I don't use the mascara itself I just love it for the brush! I dip it into my other mascara pots and work away and it gives me long, separated and almost false looking lashes.

Mac Blacktrack Fluidline liquid liner: I'm not fussy when it comes to make up so this liner is ok, it dries out easily and I often have to mix a drop of water into it. I really haven't a clue when it comes to liquid liners.. Anyone have any good recommendations? 
Mac Smolder Eyeliner: The first time I ever wore eye liner I was thirteen and my mam put it on me in the changing room of a clothes shop. This was the eye liner she applied and I'm still using it to this day! It goes on so easily and is really dark, it also lasts all night! I've tried other liners but this one just seems to be the best in my opinion!
Mac Spiked eyebrow pencil: There's nothing I love more than thick, dark eyebrows. I used to use a powder on my eyebrows but I find that with a pencil you can get such better shape into your brows. I have thick, dark hair so Spiked is very dark. I had one before the summer and it lasted a good seven weeks, considering I used it every day and night I'm quite happy with how long it lasted!

Mac cream colour base highlighters: I only started using highlighters a few months ago and now I couldn't leave the house without it! I have two, Pearl (left) which is an off white colour, I use this when I do a black smoky eye because I feel it looks more dramatic against the black shadow. Shell, (right) is more of a pink colour and I use it when I do brown smoky eyes because the white looks too severe. I apply these to my brow bone, my nose and my cheekbones to make my face look more defined.

Eyelashes: I'm not fussy with my make-up, as you can probably tell a lot of it is Mac, that's because I've grown up seeing my mam and sister use it so I just fell into the pattern. When it comes to eyelashes the first ones I spot in the chemist are the ones I use! I'm constantly complaining about not having any false lashes, because when I do get a pair I usually wear them out, come home pissed, sleep with them on and wake up with one stuck to the side of my face and the other lost somewhere in the magical land of my duvet! My aunty overheard me complaining one day and decided to buy me the Girls Aloud set which contains all five of their lashes, three adhesives and this cute black bag to store them in. I'm being extra careful nowadays with my lashes and trying to get as much wear out of them as possible!I love this set!


Mac Musky Amethyst: My all time favourite colour! It's a dark brown with hints of purple, red and gold in it. At first I hated the whole dark lip trend, but now I'm a sucker for it and barely wear any other lipstick.
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 04: This is a dark plum colour and comes out almost black so I usually put a nice pink gloss over it to tone it down a little. It smells and tastes like berries which is always a good thing!
Pupa E310: My two best friends gave me this as part of a present years ago and only recently have I started wearing it! It's a peachy orange colour and looks great in the summer!
L'Oreal Colour riche serum lipstick, Radiant Plum: My cousin got this as part of a set and gave it to me and it's now my ultimate every day lipstick. It's a medium shade of brown, super moisturised and I can still have a dark lip while looking casual. I love it!

My two lipglosses at the mo are Mac Ample Pink which is a lovely dark pink colour. I first tried it when a make-up artist put it on me for my debs and have loved it ever since. The one beside it is Mac Lady Ga Ga Viva Glam. It originally belonged to my sister who is much paler than me and claimed it made her look like a corpse.. so now it's mine! I have a love/hate relationship with this lipgloss. It's a skin colour so it blends in with your face, some days I'm feeling it and some days I'm not. I also always have Savex handy as in my old job the air conditioning used to chap my lips leading me to break out in cold sores. Savex is great for keeping your lips moisturised and this one is cherry flavoured! Yum!


When it comes to eye-shadow brushes I hate mixing my colours, I use Mac 217 and 219 for both application and blending. I have two of each, for my browns and blacks. I'm not a spoilt brat I actually got the second pair as a present so now I have double! Yay!

The brown brush you see is from a set and I use it to apply light colours, As I mentioned before I hate mixing brushes! Sorry about the unclear photo if you can make it out the middle brush is Mac 266 for applying liquid liner. I'm not sure if it's my shaky hands or the brush itself but I always make a mess with it! So recently I started using the bottom brush which is Sheercover, I got it in a set years ago and love it as it creates a much thinner line.

On the left are my Tweazers which I always have handy for applying my lashes, I got them in Paris in some random little shop! It's a nurse.. How cute! The top brush is what I use for applying blusher, It's Mac 129, The middle one is my liquid foundation brush also from Mac which I got in a set and the third is my Bareminerals foundation brush which is super soft and creates a flawless look.

And that's it for my make-up! Looking at it now I can't believe how much I have, that's not all of it just the stuff I actually use! lol. It's taken so long to get everything and I got loads of it for Christmas! Do you ladies use any of these products? If so what do you think? And if you know any better products or good Dupes let me know! 

I'm back to unemployment and I'm so bored! I've been spending most of my days sleeping! It sucks! I did however dive into all the wages I'd saved and booked a holiday to Ibiza with two great friends, I also made an order on Temporary secretary, booked a little spa day with my cousins, pre ordered the Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita's which I've had my eye on for ages AND made my first order from E.L.F!
So I've plenty of exciting things coming up and some reviews to blog about!
Hope you ladies are all coping well with the January Blues!


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